A Not So Simple GOOG Chart


What I am about to post is a simple $GOOG chart created by a python script that I grabbed off Trainee Trader’s site.  While creating a line chart of GOOGs stock price is really basic finance, it does represent something very important to me.  It means that I’m learning and troubleshooting python at a fast pace.

I just started learning python about a week ago with absolutely no knowledge in programming (except for Frotran 77 a long time ago), but I am armed with an engineer’s logic and enthusiam. I’ve worked on about 15 exercises in a training course I’m taking, and have read up on all the neat things python can do.   I installed python 2.6, matplotlib, and the ystockquote module from Cory Golberg on my development machine and configured the correct paths.  Then I then tried to copy and paste TTs google chart python script to see if I could recreate his chart.  I typed it verbatim and fired it up in python hoping to see the chart!

Instead of seeing a nice GOOG chart, it crashed on me!!! Yep, it failed and I had no idea what the error messages were telling me.

Fast forward one week and I’m picking up this language quick.  So I took TTs code again, checked out the  documentation  for the matplotlib module, troubleshot it, and got the damn thing to plot!  Go me!

Of course a sophisticated programmer would laugh at my silly plot, but to me it’s awesomeness.

Update: Here’s the revised python script (txt): GOOGChart2.txt


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