Sitting in Frankfurt



Yes, I’m about to board my plane back to the USA so this post will have to be a bit short.  I do owe you guys a long series of posts (and new videos) about my time in Dortmund with the Rapid-I team at RCOMM 2010, which will start after I survive the jet lag again!

What I can say is that I was amazed by the papers presented by the many RCOMM 2010 speakers. All of them are leveraging the power of Rapidminer in ways that I never dreamed of!  BUT! That’s not the best part!   The best part of this trip was meeting some amazingly intelligent and dynamic people from all over the world and making new friends.

Ingo posted his Day 1 and Day 2 review of RCOMM 2010 but here’s yours truly in action!


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