Using Google Analytics


Yesterday I came across a decent high level overview on how to use Google Analytics. I find digital marketing to be an interesting endeavor and you can really extract value out of it if you use advanced analytics. This, of course, means you need to measure how many hits, referrals, and other metrics are coming to your website. This is where Google Analytics is extremely helpful.

While you may not gain more time to take a detailed look at your website’s analytics, the below reports should help you to have a quick way of seeing some new, more useful trends around how users interact with your site. Here are five reports you should start using more. via MediaShift

The article talks about how to use goals and funnels, segments, user flow, events, and the navigation summary. You can also take a moment to read my 2007 articles on building your blog traffic through data mining and excel and how to do SEO. They may be a bit outdated but useful nonetheless.


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