May 2016 Blog Income Report


Recently, and for the hell of it, I decided to experiment with Google Adense and Infolinks ads on my blog. I used to do this many years ago and found a bit of success in doing it. Why did I do it? I wanted to use the money I made to pay for photographic film for my old film cameras. Hey, what can I say? I’m an artist! I love shooting film 🙂

So let’s see how much $ I can make again using these methods to buy film again. Let’s use a brick of 35 mm Portra 400 speed film as the unit of measure. Right now 5 rolls of Portra 400 go for almost $48. Divide that by 5 and you get $9.60 per roll. I’m not even adding the cost of development and scanning yet. YIKES!

May 2016′s blog income report says I made a whopping $2.61. That means I can buy 0.27th of a single roll of film. Looks like I have a long way to go to even buy one roll of film!

Blog Income May 2016Blog Income May 2016


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