Quantum Computing | Bojan Tunguz, Ph.D.

Until very recently it has only been possible to create systems comprising of a handful of quantum bits (qubits). Regrettably, many such systems (superconductors, trapped ions, nitrogen-vacancy in diamonds) are hard to manufacture and scale. Another approach to qubits, electrons trapped in silicon, is particularly promising for large scale fabrication. We have over three quarters of a century worth of experience with manufacturing large-scale silicon-based systems, which underlie all of modern computing. Unfortunately, silicon-based systems have had issues with error-correcting mechanism, which made them unsuitable for the large-scale computer systems – until now.

Quantum Computing | Bojan Tunguz, Ph.D

I’m going to have to say that I’m a complete Quantum Computing (QC) NOOB. I defer any expertise to the people who understand it better than I do, but I do know that Quantum Computing is a game-changer. I also know that it’s notoriously hard to make QC readily accessible for everyone to use.

Imagine my surprise when my former colleague Bojan makes this post about advances in “porting” QC to silicon chips. If this works it’ll be like taking near zero Kelvin supercomputing to room temperature mass-produced silicon chips.

We live in amazing times.

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