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I've made a lot of changes on this site and have put many old posts into archive. If there's something specific that you remember reading about and want to see again, just reach out to me via email or on Twitter. In the meantime, check out my handy tips suggestions OR use the search bar above.

Handy Tips to Finding Stuff Here

I've broken my site up into two sections: **blog** and **tutorials**. There are now two main sections of the blog that you can access by '' or ' Either one will bring you to a list of all the posts in those sections.

Several posts, such as my RapidMiner and Python tutorials, have been merged together. The post URL's have been aliased and old links should resolve there just fine. If you see this error you might want to try adding one of those words between domain URL and the post like, like this:

Another way to finding stuff is trying searching using my popular tags:

You can access ALL my tags by going to ''.