Welcome to Neural Market Trends, an award winning data science and machine learning blog created and run by Thomas Ott since 2007. In the past it focused on RapidMiner Tutorials and their application to the Financial Markets along with sidebar commentary on Trading, Forex the Markets, Investing, and the market implosion in 2007 / 2008.

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The blog has since branched out to include many different type of Tutorials in written and video format on topics with a broad range. We continue to add more tutorial and video content focusing on Python, SEO, and general AI Consultancy. His Github repo is TomOtt12345 and some RapidMiner XML code as well as Python tutorials have been migrated to a Github subfolder entitled Tutorials.

Thomas left RapidMiner in 2017 to create his own Data Science consultancy and educational company called - what else - Neural Market Trends!

He closed down his consultancy in September 2018 when he joined the ranks of H2O.ai as a Senior Customer Sales Engineer. At H2O.ai he spends time educating and building POC’s for prospects and customers as they evaluate H2O’s open source software and Driverless AI. In the pre-Covid19 world, Tom traveled a lot which allowed him to reflect on things such as market trends (especially in AI and Startups).

Currently, the blog focuses on topics of Data Science, AI Tutorials, SEO, and other matters of interest. A newsletter on Data Science and the AI marketplace is published bi-weekly and readers can sign up for it here.

The views Thomas Ott expresses (or others) on this blog are his alone and do not reflect his employer (H2O.ai) or Sixth World Investments, LLC.

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