An Apple a Day

Apple was a great winner for me. Too bad I sold it on April 1st but hindsight is always 20-20. I think I went long sometime back DecemberDecember 2018 when the share price was around $160-ish. I screwed up in my brokerage account and put it on margin and when the markets sold off at the end of February and the beginning of March 2020, I decided to take my profit.
I’m not a fanboy but I admit that Apple makes great products. My entire family has iPhones and I’m writing this on a Mac. We have three iPads that my kids and wife use all the time. I’m a subscriber to their iTunes streaming service and pay the extra $0.99 for 50GB of space for images and iPhone backup.
What I don’t like is all the new iPhone models. In the old days, you just got an iPhone with 16, 32, or 64GB. Now it’s iPhone X, XR, XYZ with 32, 64, 128+ GB space options. So it’s a confusing mess for me when all I use my phone for is booking hotels and flights, and calling Ubers in strange cities. Of course, I use it for texting (a hella lot) and taking snaps.
I can’t help but wonder what Tim Cook is thinking these days for a new product. It seems like they’re moving more to subscription models and different options for existing products instead of innovating new products.
Maybe it was a good idea to sell Apple. Maybe it wasn’t. I guess history will prove if I was smart or dumb. My money is on dumb.