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Beta Testing an Instagram Hashtag Tool

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Continuing the stream of consciousness from my Working with Instgram API, JSONPath, and RapidMiner post, I started beta testing a new and improved Instagram Hashtag Tool. I’ve even opened it up to a few beta testers (ping me if you want to try it). It uses a RapidMiner Server on the backend to watch a Dropbox folder. Once you put a text file into the ‘In’ folder, it triggers a process and spits back a spreadsheet in the ‘Out’ folder. Pretty straight forward.


For example, if you have a text file like this: You get a result like this: The neat thing is the process is that it does a few cool things. If finds out how many times the hashtag you inputted in was used, avg amount of likes per hashtag, maximum and standard deviation. The other cool thing is that it also finds hashtag suggestions and includes those hashtag counts, avg likes, maximums, and standard deviations. Granted, there is NO front end right now for beta testers to use, but I’m working on it (see below). They have to do it via a clunky Dropbox interface.

## Front End All I need to do is learn some NodeJS to make the front end return the RapidMiner results into the same page. Anyone know how to do that, inquire within!
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