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Cutting Costs

Just a quick note. I’ve made some changes to my web property hosting. I’ve moved both this site and back to Blot.Im. I did this to save money and cut costs.

I hosted my blogs on AWS Amplify and loved it! It was fast, easy, and cheap - at first. While hosting on AWS was cheaper in the beginning, the pay-as-you-go model ate me alive.

Originally I was spending $3 to $4 per month to host my blogs on AWS Amplify but now it’s closer to $10 per month. The increase in cost is mostly because I’ve added more blogs, but I took a hard look at the functionality and ease of use of those blogs.

All my blogs were ported to Hugo a few years ago and I loved the power that static CMS brought to the table. I think it has a shot at being a strong contender in the CMS world. It’s perfect for large-scale organizations and I would use it for that.

I loved setting it up on AWS Amplify, pushing and merging new posts on Github, and then letting it build automatically. It was my own private CI/CD system.

However, the cost led me to evaluate how dependent on AWS I’ve become. I evaluated where my weaknesses and costs were and decided to make a change.

The changes were driven by two main things:

  1. Find hosting at a lower cost
  2. Find long-term storage in case I got hit by a bus fit item #1 and GitHub fits #2. I back up my sites to Github for free. This way, once my subscription to Blot and my domain expires, the content will be there in perpetuity. At least that’s my plan right now.

Why Blot?

Blot costs $30 per year, which comes out to about $2.50 per month. You get a CDN, SSL, and custom domain. You get easy-to-hack templates and a lot of great functionality built in. I’ve always liked it and will continue to like it.

Besides $2.50 is a lot cheaper than $10 per month.

So yes, I’m back to Blot.

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