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Despite all the bruhaha that’s going on in Washington, entrepreneurs are reinventing how children are educated.

Teachers and EdTech companies need to work together to create the products that will create permanent change in classrooms across the globe. Teachers need EdTech companies to build great products to serve their students more effectively. EdTech companies need teachers to buy into their creations so that they can find a successful home for their products. It needs to be a two-way street of communication and production. The authentic insight a teacher can provide, paired with the manpower and brainpower that a EdTech company can bring to the table, the world of education could be changed massively and for the better.

I wrote about this a while ago. It’s good to learn the basics but with technology you can approach more complex problems faster.

Imagine when the calculator was introduced into the classroom. A multiplication or division problem that used to take a few minutes to compute now only took seconds. This increased efficiency then opened up more time in the day to learn about larger, more complex math concepts. It minimized trivial calculations and gave teachers more time to focus on the big picture. via The Edvocate


It’s hard to believe that I’d bec coming back to this post in 2020 but the reality of Covid19 has hit the United States and the World hard. My family and I are very lucky to live in an area that has decent Internet and decent public schools but going all virtual in March 2020 really stressed the system!

The debate on going all virtual for the upcoming September return to school is a hot and heavy one in my town. Considering Covid19 has not been contained, many of my town’s parents want to send the kids to school for 5 days in person. This is going to be near impossible and will result in more Covid19 infections.

While not optimal, the best path forward in my opinion is to go all virtual and issue all the kids chrome books to do their work UNTIL this pandemic is contained. This is where great EduTech products can fill the gap. Video Streaming, Lesson Planning, etc. will all have a part to play going forward.

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