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Forecasting Medium Subscriber Count With Facebook Prophet

I’m going to share some code that I stole and cobbled together to forecast my Medium subscriber growth using ARIMA and Facebook’s Prophet python package.

I did ARIMA for shits and giggles and wanted to see where how far I’ve deviated from my upward trend. For the actual forecasting, I used FB Prophet and liked it a lot.

FB Prophet requires some specific setup for your data with a column called ds for your timestamp and y for your numerical value.

It runs your data and automatically adjusts for things like seasonality and holidays, which I like a lot. The package does a lot of heavy lifting if you do time series for forecasting a lot.

Plus, it produces some nice graphs too. Here’s what my forecasted growth looks like.

My Medium subscriber growth is estimated to close around 700 by the end of the year. What’s interesting is the seasonality” of my subscriber growth. It looks like there’s a big bump between February and April with a late summer bump in August. That leads me to wonder if I should post more often in those time frames than at other times of the year.

Anyway, here’s the code.

Medium subscriber forecast python code

#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8

# In[1]:

#Stole from
import pandas as pd
from pandas import to_datetime
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

from pmdarima.arima import auto_arima

from fbprophet import Prophet

# In[2]:

data = pd.read_csv('data/thomasottio-subscriber-stats.csv')

# convert data type
data['period_end'] = pd.to_datetime(data['period_end'])

df = data[['period_end', 'followers_total']]

# In[3]:

# convert data type
data['period_end'] = pd.to_datetime(data['period_end'])
# set period_end as index
data.set_index('period_end', drop = True, inplace = True)
# select relevant column
data = data['followers_total']
# set the frequency of index to monthly
data = data.asfreq('M')

# check data index after all changes

# In[4]:


# In[5]:


# In[6]:

data.plot(figsize=(15, 6))

# In[7]:

train, test = data.iloc[:-TEST_SIZE], data.iloc[-TEST_SIZE:]
x_train, x_test = np.array(range(train.shape[0])), np.array(range(train.shape[0], data.shape[0]))
train.shape, x_train.shape, test.shape, x_test.shape

# In[8]:

fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1, figsize=(15, 5))
ax.plot(x_train, train)
ax.plot(x_test, test)

# In[9]:

model = auto_arima(train, start_p=1, start_q=1,
                      max_p=5, max_q=5,

# In[10]:


# In[11]:

# Forecast

prediction, confint = model.predict(n_periods=TEST_SIZE, return_conf_int=True)


# In[12]:

cf= pd.DataFrame(confint)

# In[13]:

prediction_series = pd.Series(prediction,index=test.index)
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1, figsize=(15, 5))

# In[16]:

#!conda install -c conda-forge fbprophet -y

# In[17]:


# In[18]:

df = df.rename(columns={"period_end": "ds", "followers_total": "y"})

# In[19]:

#df["ds"]= to_datetime(df["ds"])

# In[20]:


# In[21]:

# define the model
model = Prophet(interval_width=0.95)

# In[22]:

#stole code from

# In[23]:

# fit the model

# In[24]:

#stole code from

future_dates = model.make_future_dataframe(periods=18, freq='MS')

# In[25]:

forecast = model.predict(future_dates)
forecast[['ds', 'yhat', 'yhat_lower', 'yhat_upper']].tail()

# In[26]:

model.plot(forecast, uncertainty=True)

# In[27]:


# In[28]:

fig1 = model.plot_components(forecast)
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