Groovy over Python?

After a few frustrating events where I had some python code blow up because of dependencies, I started looking hard a using Groovy going forward.
For some simple things, Groovy and Python are very easy. For example if I wanted to read the latest sales from Park.IO and print them out, I could do the following in Python on my Mac.
import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv('') print (df) If I tried that on my old Raspberry Pi, I’d run into dependency issues w.r.t. to Numpy not compiling correctly.
With Groovy, it’s roughly the same but no need to call a module, it’s just built in.
String getResult = new URL('').text print getResult And that works on my Raspberry Pi.
Granted, I don’t really need all the multi-threading power of Java to run this simple program but the portability is nice.