Managing Your Time with Stoicism

Lately I’ve been reading Seneca as part of my exploration of Stoicism. There’s a lot of great things here and I recommend you check out the video and my notes below:
To live well we must be constant students of life Seneca’s essay “On the shortness of life” reminds us that time is a non-renewable resource Treat time as a commodity, people guard their property but squander time The amount of time we get is uncertain, you could die at 20 or 100 Death creeps up on time wasters Make the most of time, it is an amplifier when used properly Don’t invest your time preparing for life Seneca pushes us to live right now and not to delay happiness Your typical life is work till 60 and then wait to be happy What usually happens is your old to enjoy life then and regret not making most of life Planning the big things in life but don’t delay living it Live life for your own self Being busy with things we don’t like is the greatest distraction of your life We waste time at jobs we don’t like, relationships we’re not happy in, etc Invest your time into making a life worth living Practice Premeditatio Malorum While you waste your time by procrastinating, life goes on Researchers call the dissonance of “short-term gratification vs long-term commitments” as time inconsistency To fight this, use Premeditatio Malorum which is a form of negative visualization Think of what could go wrong with your long term task and then make plans to achieve it. This will offset the distractions Make Long Term Rewards Immediate The need to procrastinate it he most powerful RIGHT at the start of work When rewards are years away (i.e. diploma, career, et), you tend to procrastinate To overcome, you must bundle a reward at the start of the task You can eat a piece of cheesecake when you lost 10lbs or give yourself time to browse the web once you finished those pesky spreadsheet task Make the Most of your Free Time Too often we waste our free time with stupid stuff. Gossiping, drinking at the bar, etc There’s plenty of time to do everything we want if we just stop wasting our free time We work hard to earn money and free time, so why waste that precious free time Use your lunch hour to explore the city, write in a journal, play an instrument, reading, etc To beat mediocrity and start living your life, make the most of your free time Spend time reflecting on your past Present time is transitory (it’s moving), Future is uncertain, the past is unalterable Seneca says pay attention to the past, so you can be effective today Personal note: Journaling is a wonderful way of capturing the past ##Stop Wasting Time in Life’s Trivialities
We are all guilty wasting our time in trivialities (Social Media) Social Media sucks your time away When your happy you fill your time with activities that are valuable and meaningful to the vision you want of your life Invest your time creating new memories While you preoccupy your time with trivialities, death approaches that you can’t escape Invest your time into creating new memories and philosophies Memory is more enduring than grief (Ed. Very true. I call it Adventuring) Memories may be fleeting but they deliver more happiness than anything else Do yourself a favor and take on challenges and adventures, learn to play music, travel, etc Invest your time in Philosophies The Study of Philosophy is the most invaluable teacher Study as much of philosophy (current, past, etc) as you can because it will help you in your life Your life will expand and your wisdom will grow A Philosopher is a lover of wisdom: truth, virtue, life and death