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RapidMinerYes you read that right, I'm working on a new set of RapidMiner tutorial posts (I'm bagging the videos for now). I hope to share with my readers two new tutorials over the coming weeks/months and I expect to post the first installment this week.

The first tutorial will be about using RapidMiner's Evolutionary Weighting and Genetic Algorithms to build a Market Timing Model. This tutorial will follow the same methodology I used to build my S&P500 Market Timing Model. If you ever wondered how to build a timing model using RapidMiner then make sure to check back often for these free and valuable lessons.

After I'm done with that tutorial, I'll delve into the world of Web and Text Mining. I'll show you how to web mine blogs and websites for interesting bits of data. I'll make sure that all new tutorials will have downloadable templates and data for you to play with.

On top of this, I'll be over the next few months I'll be updating my original YALE tutorials to be compatible with the new RapidMiner format. The formats are close but not close enough. I'm sure that many readers downloaded the YALE templates and then opened with the new RapidMiner software and found some "run time errors."

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