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Presidential Election 2016


I was in France last week for my neice’s wedding. We had a great time and really enjoyed the French countryside. We got sample some delicious wine and food, danced, and met lots of great people. We talked and laughed but eventually all our casual conversations with the French turned toward our Presidential Election and Donald Trump.

Needless to say, many French that I talked to are appalled by Donald Trump but some like his authoritative style and that bothers me. From my personal observation, especially after Brexit and now President Elect Donald Trump, there seems to be a wave of authoritarianism that’s making its way through the world. Even in my ancestral homeland, Germany, there’s a creeping movement (AfD) toward more populism.

I’m not sure if this a backlash to the “ruling elite” or globalization in general, but it is a cause for concern since it could cause societal disharmony.  On the other hand, the old trader in me would ask how can I make money off this?


I wrote this nearly 4 years ago, right after Trump was elected President. The last four years have been chaotic to say the least for the United States. The Trump administration has been the most regressive and most divisive one that I can remember, and thats putting it nicely. I wonder how France feels about him now? Especially after visiting Macron and shitting all over France?

Update 2

Election 2020 is going to be one for the books. It’s shaping up to be the largest voter turnout since 1908. 99+ million people have already voted early and it’s esimated that 150 million will vote in total, roughly 65% of the registered voters.

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