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Rebuilding a Blog - Part 4

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This post on rebuilding a blog is continuation of my previous post.

In this post I wanted to review some goals I created in Google Analytics. These goals were created to see how people are interacting with my site.


I created a total of 7 goals:

  • Sticky Time, how many readers stay on the site for 5 minutes or more
  • Read more that 1 post, self explanatory
  • Click on SEO tag, how many readers click on https://www.neuralmarkettrends.com/tags/SEO
  • Click on Tutorials tag, how many readers click on https://www.neuralmarkettrends.com/tags/Tutorials
  • Click on All tags, this one is bunk so ignore it.
  • Click on RSS feed, how many users click on the RSS feed link
  • Use the search, how many readers use the search box

The chart shows some interesting results. I have any amazing amount of sticky time and people read more than 1 post. This makes me think I should abandon Google Ads and sell some space on my own.

On top of this, there’s some activity in the use of the search box and people do click on the Tutorial tags. No one cares about the SEO, and RSS.


Although this will be deprecated soon my Google, I do like to look at this. It’s nice to see that all things are green and there is some activity in new users and page sessions.

Overall, things are improving here but the lack of tag click - except the Tutorials tag - leads me to guess that:

  1. People don’t care about those tags, or
  2. People don’t know enough about navigating to those tags.

Next Steps

I think I will make some small navigation changes to allow users to search via tags OR via the search box. Next post I’ll examine my top read content and determine which articles need to be “refreshed.”

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