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Big Data and Infrastructure Feb 7, 2017 big data & hadoop & Thoughts I have a daily downtime routine. Every evening I set aside about a hour and think. I sit or walk around the house and ruminate about all sorts of Big Data. Your Commuting Buddy Sep 14, 2015 Big Data & Transportation & thoughts & Machine Learning I used to work in the Transportation field, especially with railroads. Forecasting and recovering from delays was always an tough task because of Prescriptive Analytics and My Heart Sep 1, 2015 Big Data & Healthcare & thoughts & Machine Learning The world right now is awash in Predictive Analytics, the mystery of Big Data, and the rise of the glorious and magical Data Scientist. Most of the Big Data's Dirty Little Secret Aug 31, 2015 Big Data & thoughts & Machine Learning Do you know what you’re doing with your Big Data? Based on my experience, only a small group of companies really do. There’s just one little