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A day in the Life of a Sales Engineer Mar 2, 2016 sales & career & thoughts & Startups If you asked me 2 years ago if I’d be working in Sales at a high tech startup, I’d say you were nuts! Fast forward to today and that’s exactly what My Second Anniversary Feb 29, 2016 RapidMiner & Career & Personal & news I’m about to celebrate my 2 year anniversary at RapidMiner in 3 days! Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve gotten to work with some amazing One Year Already? Mar 8, 2015 rapidminer & personal & career & news & RapidMiner There’s a reason why I’ve been neglecting this blog, it’s because I’ve been working my tail off! I’ve been so busy that I blew right through my one The Journey Dec 18, 2014 rapidminer & career & news & RapidMiner This has been truly an exciting year for @RapidMiner and I’m humbled that I’m part of the team. Working at RapidMiner is like embarking on a new First Month and Half at RapidMiner Apr 11, 2014 rapidminer & career & news & RapidMiner I really wanted to do a “my first month anniversary working at Rapidminer” post, but I had no time. I’ve been working like a mad man supporting our Betting on RapidMiner in a Big Way Feb 12, 2014 rapidminer & career & news & RapidMiner This past Friday I resigned from my position as a Civil Engineering Manager at SYSTRA, my employer of the last 6+ years. I did this because an