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In the End, Climate Change Is the Only Story That Matters Sep 25, 2022 links The Colorado River Is Dying. Sep 25, 2022 links Can Its Aquatic Dinosaurs Be Saved It’s either to the moon or wendys Sep 24, 2022 links More Bosses Are Spying on Quiet Quitters Sep 23, 2022 links TensorStore for High-Performance, Scalable Array Storage Sep 23, 2022 links recent sale 1875s united states trade dollar Sep 23, 2022 links recent sales 187477 counterfeit united states Sep 23, 2022 links CEO Pichai fields questions on cost cuts at all hands meeting" /> Sep 23, 2022 links Google CEO Pichai fields questions on cost cuts at all hands CO2 than the entire Western hemisphere" /> Sep 23, 2022 links China emits more CO2 than the entire Western hemisphere #Design Patterns for Deep Learning Architectures Sep 23, 2022 links There’s some really great stuff in this article. In concept I get Deep Learning but there’s so much #Millennials can’t catch a break Jun 19, 2017 links This is just nuts. Millennials just can’t seem to catch a break. Now AI is coming for their jobs. Research #The Secret to Building Great EdTech Products? Mar 1, 2017 links Teachers! Despite all the bruhaha that’s going on in Washington, entrepenuers are reinventing how Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects Feb 22, 2017 Raspberry Pi & Projects & Maker & links #Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects Some of these projects are darn cool. Perhaps the best one is Amazon releasing instructions on how to turn your Pi Terrible Tom Feb 21, 2017 Marketing & Sales & links #Terrible Tom I joked about being the “Terrible Tom” persona but the core message from Tom Wentworth’s post is about organizational alignment. Raspberry Pi Related Links Oct 6, 2016 Links & tutorials & Raspberry Pi This is just my running link list related to anything Raspberry Pi. Commentary may be included. ##Weather Related: