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MQL's continue to die and PQL's grow Mar 1, 2017 marking & sales & pql & mql & thoughts & Startups It would appear that the death of MQL’s is gaining steam. PQL’s seem to be all the rage now. Many of the fastest growing SaaS teams over the last Terrible Tom Feb 21, 2017 Marketing & Sales & links #Terrible Tom I joked about being the “Terrible Tom” persona but the core message from Tom Wentworth’s post is about organizational alignment. The Freemium Devil Dec 11, 2016 marketing & sales & venture capital & startups & thoughts & Startups I recently read a great article on the Freemium model that resonated with me. It kept me thinking for several days afterwards about how some What does Value mean? Mar 8, 2016 sales & marketing & value & thoughts & Startups Last week I shared a few thoughts around what it takes to be a Sales Engineer in a high tech startup. My last thought, around understanding value, A day in the Life of a Sales Engineer Mar 2, 2016 sales & career & thoughts & Startups If you asked me 2 years ago if I’d be working in Sales at a high tech startup, I’d say you were nuts! Fast forward to today and that’s exactly what The Medium is the Message Feb 22, 2016 marketing & sales & thoughts & Startups The one thing that is as important as your product is your messaging about it. In some ways, messaging is more powerful because if no one knows how