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RapidMiner Gets Acquired Sep 19, 2022 startup & news & RapidMiner The big news last week, RapidMiner is being acquired by Altair Engineering! Mucho congratulations to Founders Ingo and Ralf and the whole RapidMiner Got MBA? Buy ~~that~~ the Right Business! Apr 4, 2016 startup & mba & business & entrepreneurship & thoughts & Startups Brian tweeted an interesting link the other day about a new trend that HBR picked up on. It was about newly minted MBA graduates buying existing It's the Blockchain, stupid. Mar 28, 2016 Bitcoin & Blockchain & Startup & thoughts & Machine Learning #It’s the Blockchain, stupid! I’ve been a big fan of Bitcoin for a while and the potential for a true digital currency, but lately it’s been having Hedge Funds not so lucrative anymore Mar 26, 2016 Hedge Funds & Investing & Startup & markets & Trading #Hedge Funds not so lucrative anymore Ouch! Looks like Hedge Funds are not so lucractive anymore. So what’s killing the golden goose? In a word: