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Terra Tech TRTC is Now Unrivaled Brands UNRVD

TRTC UNRVD Cannabis Stocks Trading

Terra Tech (TRTC) is one of my most favorite mistakes. I invested $1,000 many years ago into this company with the hopes of it turning my investment into more green dollars, if you will. Did it do that? Not at all; it’s been my biggest loser to date and ever. My investment went up in a cloud of smoke.

I bought over 200 shares of TRTC for about $5 back on January 18, 2018. Since that time, I’ve watched it sell off, undergo reverse stock splits twice, and rebrand itself at least once. Now I have only 2 lousy shares left that I paid close to $500 per share. LOL.

trtc-unrvd-daily price

Terra Tech is now Unrivaled Brands and part of Blum Holdings. Its new over-the-counter stock symbol is UNRVD, and I feel like a “schmuck” for buying it.

I do believe there is money in the cannabis industry. I know because I’ve profited from it outside of the trading realm. The money is in the real estate where the store sits and all the associated stuff you need to run the joint. There’s security, cameras, verification, and cash handling services. Then there’s the legal aspect of it and zoning.

The only people who are getting rich off this industry are the lawyers, engineers, and planners who are selling the “gold pans” and “deeds” to the pot entrepreneurs.

I never realized just how important studying history is to markets and life in general. Lesson learned.

Disclosure: Long UNRVD

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