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Personal Development

Happy New Year readers! Granted it’s already 10 days into the new year but I’ve been having a well deserved break and easing back into work. Now that 2020 is here I hope to amp up more of what I did last year. Read more books, go to the Dojo/exercise more, and make more adventures with the family. I’m not really into the ’new year resolutions’ because I like to ease into things, not make abrupt cold turkey changes.

I hope to close out several small lingering projects in 2020 that I started last year and continue writing my weekly Data Science newsletter. It’s been a lot of fun writing this short newsletter and packing it full of articles I found interesting over the week. You can sign up for it below this article or here, if interested.

On the work front, I’m going to continue working on my Business Development Rep bot in Python. I started it last year to automate the laborious tasks my BDR and AE were doing. Yes, we all use Salesforce but for me it’s faster to just to log into a command line and write a python script to do some extraction and analysis from Salesforce. It feels pretty rewarding to automate those things because it makes everyone’s life better and hopefully more lucrative.

As of next week my traveling will begin again. I’m off to Charlotte next week and then to San Francisco and Los Angelos for a week and a half. Somewhere in between that time I have to prioritize my family life and juggle my work life.

That’s the trick, prioritize the Big Rocks and juggle the rest.

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