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SPX Sep 25, 2022 markets & Economy Quantitative Easing and Rates meme Sep 23, 2022 markets & Economy SPY Sep 23, 2022 markets & Economy The Fed forecasts hiking rates as high as 4pt6pct before ending inflation fight Sep 22, 2022 markets & Economy JPOW must be house shopping" /> Sep 22, 2022 markets & Economy JPOW must be house shopping I’m going to sue all of you Sep 22, 2022 markets & Economy Fed Funds Rates Sep 21, 2022 markets & Economy Current Market Decline Perspective Sep 20, 2022 markets & Economy Bond Yield Curve Sep 20, 2022 markets & Economy Ber Fukd, according to science - wallstreetbets Sep 19, 2022 markets & Economy Innovation and Good Jobs in Germany Sep 25, 2017 economy & news & RapidMiner Looks like Co-Founder (and former colleague) Ralf Klinkenberg is in the NY Times today. “There is a good start-up culture,” Ralf Klinkenberg, of Cash Out Refinancing May 30, 2017 real estate & markets & Economy This is not good. Reminds me of 2005-2007 when people were using their homes as ATM’s. The easy money punch bowl and feeling of euphoria is back. Brexit Recovery? Jul 1, 2016 ftse & brexit & markets & Economy Something’s going on, interesting to see the FTSE charging through the 200 WMA Brexit Jun 26, 2016 Brexit & United Kingdom & EU & markets & Economy I’m of the opinion that is will be good for the UK in the long run, but in the short term it will be very tumultuous for both the UK and the EU. China keeps building territory May 19, 2014 markets & Economy China keeps probing it’s “friends and foes,” which very much follows Sun Tzu’s advice to probe your enemies and see how they react. It also uses