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How to Blog Yourself to a New Life Aug 23, 2020 Blogging & Personal Development & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship I’m going to start this post with a big helping of gratitude. I’m so grateful to the 1000’s of readers that helped me get into the field of Data It's a Good Time to Start a Business May 13, 2020 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Coin Collecting & Real Estate Investing & Blogging I was once told that the best time to start a business is in a recession. The reasoning behind it is that the business would get stronger once the Real Estate Flippers are Flipping Out Jun 11, 2019 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging It’s been a long time since I wrote anything related to Real Estate (RE), especially about flipping houses. I heard on Bloomberg yesterday that the Startups and Open Source Nov 27, 2018 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging This is my third startup. Or maybe my fourth, I’m not sure but it gets hazy after a while. What I do know is that if I ever do another startup, I’ll VC's Killing Startups Jun 14, 2018 Entrepreneurship & Business Ideas & Blogging While VC’s are a necessary part of growing a startup, they can kill it too. I’ve seen this happen too many times where the VC’s kill the goose that Product Qualified Lead Model Aug 25, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging One of the big corporate strategy things I worked on was developing and putting into production a PQL model. It was essentially a propensity to buy What Works What Doesn't Work Aug 19, 2017 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & AI Machine Learning & Blogging An important lesson I’ve learned while working at a Startup is to do more of what works and jettison what doesn’t work, quickly. That’s the way to Millennials can't catch a break Jun 19, 2017 ai & entrepreneurship & millennials & Thoughts This is just nuts. Millennials just can’t seem to catch a break. Now AI is coming for their jobs. Research released by Gallup on Thursday indicates Millennials can't catch a break! Jun 19, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Entrepreneurship & Millennials & Blogging This is just nuts. Millennials just can’t seem to catch a break. Now AI is coming for their jobs. Research released by Gallup on Thursday indicates Startup Funding May 12, 2017 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging suddenly all the rage The above image from really captures a successful startup from inception to IPO. Most Advice from a Venture Capitialist May 6, 2017 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging HowardFredHoward’s blog What caught my ear (and Howard’s too) was how his wife (Gotham Girl) is his biggest cheerleader. What does he exactly mean Got MBA? Buy ~~that~~ the Right Business! Apr 4, 2016 startup & mba & business & entrepreneurship & thoughts & Startups Brian tweeted an interesting link the other day about a new trend that HBR picked up on. It was about newly minted MBA graduates buying existing