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Experimenting with Google Sheets Oct 27, 2016 AAPL & Charting & Excel & Google Sheets & tutorials & Google #Experimenting with Google Sheets Google Sheets, and Google Documents for that matter, are turning into some really robust tools. If I were to start Learning Python helps me with Excel Jan 6, 2011 Python & Excel & tutorials I use Excel extensively at work and I’ve always wished to write intricate macros but never understood the complexities of Visual Basic. After Genetik Solver appears to be no more - ITS BACK! Oct 20, 2010 Excel & thoughts & Machine Learning Wow, Well at least its presence on the Internet. It appears to be gone and I can’t locate the .XLA file anywhere to save my life. I wrote about Build Your Blog Traffic Using Excel and Data Mining Jun 5, 2007 Excel & Tutorial & blogging & Traffic This past Saturday, I posted about using data mining to look for patterns in your blog traffic. I wrote that you can use something called an Excel Calculating Historical Volatility May 29, 2007 Historical Volatility & tutorials & Excel Hi there! This is one my most popular posts and I would love it if you became an RSS Reader! The inspiration for my S&P500 Volatility Timing Build an ETF Trend System in Excel May 16, 2007 ETF Trend System & tutorials & Excel Today I wanted to share with you a part of the algorithmic back end to my ETF Trend System. Note, I said “part”, I’m not giving away all my secrets.