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Kubernetes & Julia Language Aug 1, 2021 Kubernetes & Julia Language & Data Science & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’m coming up on my 3rd anniversary at and we’ve embarked on an interesting pivot of sorts. Our new product is based on Kubernetes. At first TensorFlow & Julia on a Jetson Nano Apr 20, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Tutorials & julia language A few months ago I bought a Jetson Nano as a Christmas present for myself. I promptly got busy with work and life and forgot to set up until a month jetson-lstm Apr 20, 2020 Tutorials & julia language Mashing Up Julia Language with RapidMiner Feb 10, 2017 Julia Language & RapidMiner & Tutorials & tutorials #Mashing Up Julia Language with RapidMiner If you want to execute any Python in RapidMiner, you have to use the Execute Python operator. This