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Forecasting Medium Subscriber Count With Facebook Prophet Sep 22, 2022 machine learning & data science & writing & tutorial & python & tutorials & Python I’m going to share some code that I stole and cobbled together to forecast my Medium subscriber growth using ARIMA and Facebook’s Prophet python Julia Over Python Sep 20, 2022 julia & python & thoughts & Machine Learning Interesting article. Still, I use python for everything BUT I do like Julia’s speed, when I can get it to work! :) Unlike Python, Julia was made to The Data Science Puzzle Sep 19, 2022 thoughts & Machine Learning XKCD Machine Learning Sep 19, 2022 thoughts & Machine Learning Data Science and Machine Learning Roundup Jan 30, 2022 Data Science & Machine Learning & Blogging In this week’s Data Science and Machine Learning link round-up, we’ll share some links that caught our (my) eye during the past few weeks. #Fraud Analytics in RapidMiner Nov 10, 2017 thoughts & Machine Learning This is a great video presentation on Fraud Analytics use case with RapidMiner. See my notes below. ##Some key The Rise of Machine Learning Trading Oct 24, 2017 trading & machine learning & thoughts & Machine Learning This is huge if you ask me. First it was roboadvisers and now the machines are going to take over trading. The machine learning agent found and AlphaGO Zero learns on its own Oct 19, 2017 google & alphaGo & deep learning & machine learning & thoughts & Machine Learning The news dropped that Google’s new implementation of AlphaGo, called AlphaGO Zero, was able to learn completely on its own. No training set was Introduction to Deep Learning Oct 16, 2017 rapidminer & Kkeras & deep learning & thoughts & Machine Learning This is a great introduction to Deep Learning. I know I learned a few things from Phillip. ##Some key concepts RapidMiner now can do GPU deep Orange 3 is impressive Oct 7, 2017 Machine Learning & Data Science & tutorials & Orange I’ve been keeping a lazy eye on Orange over the years and it’s (fairly) recent update has made it quite an impressive contender in the Data Science Weaponing AI Sep 12, 2017 AI & Cybersecurity & thoughts & Machine Learning #Weaponizing AI File this under “no shit Sherlock,” but hackers are already weaponizing machine learning. The AI, named SNAP_R, sent simulated #Machine Learning for Predicting the Unknown Aug 23, 2017 thoughts & Machine Learning Great interview with Courtenay Cotton of n-Join. Here are some key tibits I found interesting. People Data Science Helps Us Ask the Right Questions Jun 21, 2017 Science & thoughts & Machine Learning #Data Science Helps Us Ask the Right Questions We all do Data Science on a daily basis but sometimes we forget why we’re really doing it. It’s not Labeling Training Data Correctly May 5, 2017 thoughts & Machine Learning When you’re dealing with a classification problem in machine learning, good labeled data is crucial. The more Machine Learning on a Raspberry Pi Jan 27, 2017 Machine Learning & Maker & Raspberry Pi & Startups & Tinker & thoughts It looks like Google is catching up to the idea of machine learning on a Raspberry Pi! Someone put RapidMiner on a Pi back in 2013 but it was slow My Chinese Big Brother Oct 22, 2016 China & thoughts & Machine Learning #My Chinese Big Brother One of my Asian friends recently posted a link to a terrifying use of Machine Learning. This is what I call the “dark side” It's the Blockchain, stupid. Mar 28, 2016 Bitcoin & Blockchain & Startup & thoughts & Machine Learning #It’s the Blockchain, stupid! I’ve been a big fan of Bitcoin for a while and the potential for a true digital currency, but lately it’s been having Coffee Flavored Hadoop Mar 25, 2016 Hadoop & Coffee & thoughts & Machine Learning #Coffee Flavored Hadoop And for today’s nerd humor of the day, a coffee flavored version of Hadoop. In German no less. I just discovered a German Where Computers Defeat Us and Where They Don't Mar 23, 2016 Go & AlphaGo & AI & Deep Learning & thoughts & Machine Learning #Where Computers Defeat Us and Where They Don’t After AlphaGo won 4 to 1 against Lee Sedol, the world is a buzz with excitement and fear of AI. AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol Mar 14, 2016 Go & Weiqi & AlphaGo & Deep Learning & AI & thoughts & Machine Learning Lots of great videos on YouTube of the match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol. I consider these historic because this level of AI is almost humanlike AI Overloads look to beat Go champion Mar 12, 2016 Go & Weiqi & AI & Deep Learning & thoughts & Machine Learning In case you’ve been living under a rock, Google’s Deepmind is about to make AI history. Google developed AlphaGo, a deep learning program, to Spark vs Hadoop Sep 22, 2015 thoughts & Machine Learning There’s a lot of hullabaloo about Spark vs Hadoop for Big Data these days. If you’re rushing to stand up a Big Data cluster, you probably heard Big Data. Your Commuting Buddy Sep 14, 2015 Big Data & Transportation & thoughts & Machine Learning I used to work in the Transportation field, especially with railroads. Forecasting and recovering from delays was always an tough task because of Prescriptive Analytics and My Heart Sep 1, 2015 Big Data & Healthcare & thoughts & Machine Learning The world right now is awash in Predictive Analytics, the mystery of Big Data, and the rise of the glorious and magical Data Scientist. Most of the Big Data's Dirty Little Secret Aug 31, 2015 Big Data & thoughts & Machine Learning Do you know what you’re doing with your Big Data? Based on my experience, only a small group of companies really do. There’s just one little Churn Models, Cable TV, and My Wife Dec 29, 2014 Personal & thoughts & Machine Learning Churn models are not new in the analytics world, they’re heavily used by mobile telcos and other corporations that want to keep their loyal Wearable Technology - Part 2 Jun 10, 2014 thoughts & Machine Learning Some stats from my fibit: Walked 224,000 steps in the past 21 days, avg 10,600+ steps a day. Walked 73,257 steps in the past 7 days (33.59 Wearable Technology May 23, 2014 thoughts & Machine Learning I recently bought a wearable health monitoring device (Fitbit) so I can see how much of a slug I am. This all started when a co-worker of mine Genetik Solver appears to be no more - ITS BACK! Oct 20, 2010 Excel & thoughts & Machine Learning Wow, Well at least its presence on the Internet. It appears to be gone and I can’t locate the .XLA file anywhere to save my life. I wrote about What is Data Mining? Sep 2, 2010 thoughts & Machine Learning My old college professor, Dr. Stephan Kudyba, explains what Data Mining is for newbies. His data mining class is the reason why I started Building an AI financial market model - Lesson IV May 9, 2007 Optimization & Time Series & Machine Learning & AI & MultiObjective Feature Selection & tutorials & RapidMiner #Building an AI financial market model — Lesson IV In Lesson 3, I introduced the Sliding Window Validation operator to test how Building an AI financial market model - Lesson III Apr 27, 2007 Time Series & Machine Learning & AI & MultiObjective Feature Selection & tutorials & RapidMiner In Lesson 2, I went over the concept of MultiObjective Feature Selection (MOFS). In this lesson we’ll build on MOFS for our model but we’ll forecast Building an AI Financial market model - Lesson II Apr 25, 2007 Time Series & Machine Learning & AI & MultiObjective Feature Selection & tutorials & RapidMiner In this tutorial I want to show you how to use MultiObjective Feature Selection (MOFS) in RapidMiner. It’s a great technique to simultaneously Building an AI financial market model - Lesson I Apr 23, 2007 Time Series & Machine Learning & AI & MultiObjective Feature Selection & tutorials & RapidMiner Before you can begin with building your own AI Financial Market Model (machine learned), you have to decide on what software to use. Since I wrote