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Lawns Are Dumb Sep 25, 2022 climate change & News The trick will be greening up cities in a way that provides the most cooling with the least water. “There is no one-size-fits-all kind of strategy,” Cutting Costs Sep 21, 2022 news & & thoughts & Startups Just a quick note. I’ve made some changes to my web property hosting. I’ve moved both this site and back to Blot.Im. I did this to save RapidMiner Gets Acquired Sep 19, 2022 startup & news & RapidMiner The big news last week, RapidMiner is being acquired by Altair Engineering! Mucho congratulations to Founders Ingo and Ralf and the whole RapidMiner My new toy - NVIDIA GPU Jetson TK2 Nov 12, 2017 news & Personal Innovation and Good Jobs in Germany Sep 25, 2017 economy & news & RapidMiner Looks like Co-Founder (and former colleague) Ralf Klinkenberg is in the NY Times today. “There is a good start-up culture,” Ralf Klinkenberg, of #Python overtakes R for Data Science Sep 7, 2017 Python & R & Data Science & News This is really big news from KD Nuggets RapidMiner Training 2017 Jun 18, 2017 Training & Data Science & RapidMiner & news & Personal #RapidMiner Training 2017 I just capped off a 4 day RapidMiner training class in NYC last week. It was a ton of fun and I got to meet lots of super Parabolic Bitcoin Prices Jun 11, 2017 Bitcoin & News #Parabolic Bitcoin Prices I’ve certainly been aware of this, especially of all the silly “if this trend continues, bitcoin will be Google Trends for Gold and Bitcoin Jun 8, 2017 Gold & Bitcoin & News It appears that the search ‘Gold’ is more popular than ‘Bitcoin.’ Only time will tell if this remains the same Simple but Great Explanation of the Blockchain Jun 7, 2017 Video & News A great 5 minute video explanation of the implication of the Blockchain. It’s power as a digital asset transfer mechanism can radically change on Google Trends for Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum Jun 7, 2017 Blockchain & News Where I've been hiding May 26, 2017 community & personal & rapidminer & news & RapidMiner I’ve recently taken on a new role at RapidMiner. I’m now the Community Manager for entire RapidMiner Community. It’s a pretty big task and felt a Audio Analytics using RapidMiner Feb 19, 2017 audio & analytics & call center & news & RapidMiner #Audio Analytics using RapidMiner A partner (Cappius) of RapidMiner recently gave a really cool webinar on how they use RapidMiner to analyze Call Presidential Election 2016 Nov 15, 2016 Election & France & news & Personal #Presidential Election 2016 I was in France last week for my neice’s wedding. We had a great time and really enjoyed the French countryside. We got Regular Expressions by Trial and Error Sep 16, 2016 Regex & Twitter & News This cracked me up because that’s how I learned. /^.*$/g — The Practical Dev (@ThePracticalDev) September 9, 2016 Software Advice Interview Sep 9, 2016 Interview & Text Analytics & RapidMiner & News Just a short note, but Tom Wentworth and I were interviewed by Software Advice. They were evaluating easy to use but powerful Text Analytics tools The King is Dead! Long Live the King! Jun 13, 2016 news & blogging & Writing I have news. I’ve been mulling around the idea for this post for the last two years, ever since I joined RapidMiner. The journey at RapidMiner has My latest Twitter "Likes" May 20, 2016 Twitter & Interesting & News #My Latest Twitter “Likes” Comparing outcomes and foreign policy for Trump vs Hillary in a more rigorous way — Vote for RapidMiner! May 18, 2016 rapidminer & kd nuggets & news & RapidMiner Hi guys. KD Nuggets is running it’s yearly poll on what data science/machine learning tools and platforms you use. It goes without saying that I’m a RapidMiner Office Hours Apr 13, 2016 cffice hours & news & RapidMiner Recently RapidMiner kicked off a new program called Office Hours. Every Wednesday a product expert will show off something cool they created with Neural Market Trends sells for $1 million Apr 1, 2016 News & Joke #Neural Market Trends sells for $1 million! I’m pleased to annouced that Neural Market Trends has been sold to a private VC firm for $1 million Real Estate Podcast Mar 27, 2016 Podcast & Real Estate & NYC & News #Real Estate Podcast Found this gem of a podcast from Fred Wilson’s AVC blog. Great listen if you’re into real estate. This episode talks about the DIY your own Alexa! Mar 25, 2016 Raspberry Pi & DIY & News #DIY your own Alexa! Now this I gotta try! Amazon put together its own guide for making a DIY Alexa device with a Raspberry Pi: My Second Anniversary Feb 29, 2016 RapidMiner & Career & Personal & news I’m about to celebrate my 2 year anniversary at RapidMiner in 3 days! Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve gotten to work with some amazing How I got started brewing beer Nov 25, 2015 brewing & how to & DIY & philosophy & News #How I got started brewing beer I was the ripe old age of 23 when I learned how to brew beer. I had just moved to New Mexico to start my first One Year Already? Mar 8, 2015 rapidminer & personal & career & news & RapidMiner There’s a reason why I’ve been neglecting this blog, it’s because I’ve been working my tail off! I’ve been so busy that I blew right through my one 15 Million Dollars Feb 18, 2015 venture capital & rapidminer & news & RapidMiner Just wanted to share some exciting news! RapidMiner got another round of Venture Capital (VC) funding today. Series B funding closed at $15 million The Journey Dec 18, 2014 rapidminer & career & news & RapidMiner This has been truly an exciting year for @RapidMiner and I’m humbled that I’m part of the team. Working at RapidMiner is like embarking on a new Mining the Minecraft Craze Sep 17, 2014 Minecraft & Games & News My kids play Minecraft. Their friends play Minecraft. My friend’s kids play Minecraft. I run a Minecraft server for my kids and their friends. No Name Resturant May 10, 2014 news & Personal On Thursday night I had one of the best bowls of seafood chowder, Boston style, that I can remember. This was at the No Name Resturant and well Current State of Affairs May 8, 2014 News Lately, it seems that the only time I remember to post now is when I’m on the train leaving to or from Boston. While I’m not neglecting my blog, it First Month and Half at RapidMiner Apr 11, 2014 rapidminer & career & news & RapidMiner I really wanted to do a “my first month anniversary working at Rapidminer” post, but I had no time. I’ve been working like a mad man supporting our Boston South Street Station Apr 10, 2014 Boston & travel & Amtrak & news & Personal #Boston South Street Station Coin Show Report Mar 1, 2014 Numismatics & News I’ve been meaning to give you an update on what’s been happening at my local coin show (Feb 2014). The short of it is that general attendance is Betting on RapidMiner in a Big Way Feb 12, 2014 rapidminer & career & news & RapidMiner This past Friday I resigned from my position as a Civil Engineering Manager at SYSTRA, my employer of the last 6+ years. I did this because an Happy Holidays Dec 18, 2013 Holiday & news & Personal I just wanted to wish all my remaining readers a Happy Holidays and a peaceful New Year. I know I haven’t been around much lately because of life, Rapid-I gets $5 Million Infusion Nov 4, 2013 rapidminer & venture capital & news & RapidMiner Congrats to the Rapid-I team for getting a $5 million dollar cash infusion and opening a Boston HQ SEC Filings Master Class Sep 25, 2013 SEC & News I just signed up for Michelle Leder’s SEC Filings Master Class. It’s a free 1 hour webinar for three days, either at lunch time or 4PM. I’m The Secret Life of Pronouns May 15, 2012 Text & Language & News I’ve been traveling a lot lately and managed to catch up on a bit of reading when I’m crusing at 30,000 feet. On my nook right now is a fascinating Terrible Jan 18, 2012 CMS & Blogging & News Expression Engine = Terrible Textpattern = Terrible Never again will I be switching from Wordpress Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Dec 22, 2010 Personal & news I’m taking the rest of the month off from blogging and hopefully tie up a few loose ends before the year is over. That said, I wanted to wish my My RCOMM 2010 Presentation Dec 2, 2010 rapidminer & news & RapidMiner I’ve made my RCOMM 2010 presentation, “Forecasting Historical Volatility for Option Trading” available on my LinkedIn profile.  If you’re An Example of R and Rapidminer for Trading Nov 20, 2010 r & rapidminer & trading & news & RapidMiner Ingo over at the Rapid-I blog found this link from a Rapid-I forum member about using R and Rapidminer for Trading.  It’s a pretty wild process The Whirlwind that was RCOMM Part 2 Sep 22, 2010 news & RapidMiner Wow, Well the jet lag finally caught up to me so I apologize for this late post on RCOMM. Thursday morning was kicked off by yours truly, and I The Whirlwind that was RCOMM - Part 1 Sep 20, 2010 rapidmniner & news & RapidMiner Wow, Incorporating and expanding on my first RCOMM 2010 post, I going to write about the various presentations that I found highly interesting and Sitting in Frankfurt Sep 19, 2010 travel & rapidminer & news & RapidMiner Wow, Yes, I’m about to board my plane back to the USA so this post will have to be a bit short.  I do owe you guys a long series of posts (and RCOMM 2010 - Having A Blast! Sep 14, 2010 Convention & news & RapidMiner Wow, RCOMM 2010 is so much fun! After an exhausting flight to Frankfurt, I made it to RCOMM 2010 late Tuesday afternoon.  I got to listen to two Rapidminer and R - Together At Last! Sep 3, 2010 r & rapidminer & news & RapidMiner It’s ALMOST here, the R extension in Rapidminer is just one more week away!!! If you want a sneak peak of it, check out this intro video by Ralf Draft Presentation Done - Germany Awaits Sep 1, 2010 news & RapidMiner I’m done with my draft presentation for RCOMM 2010 and hopefully will wrap it up over the weekend and then its to Germany in two weeks. Its hard to Working on my RCOMM presentation Aug 25, 2010 rapidminer & news & RapidMiner I’ve been busy working on my presentation for the first Rapidminer Community Meeting and Conference (RCOMM 2010).  If you find yourself in RCOMM 2010 - First Rapidminer Conference! Jul 6, 2010 rapidminer & news & RapidMiner Hi all! I’m almost back!  I’m easing my way back into posting again as work somewhat quiets down.  Thank you so much for your emails and Rapidminer Web Mining Extension Now Available! Apr 15, 2010 rapidmniner & news & RapidMiner Just wanted to pass this along, in case you haven’t seen it already but  Rapidminer has released the Web Mining extension for version 5.0.  All