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Ultimate Guide to Coin Hunting Oct 22, 2020 Coin Collecting & Silver & Numismatic & Gold & Blogging How many times do you feel that you must’ve touched a silver dime in your pocket change only to give it away without knowing about it? Maybe you American Silver Eagle Coins Oct 19, 2020 Coin Collecting & Silver & Numismatic & Blogging One of the most beautiful silver coins in the United States today is the Silver American Eagle coin. This is perhaps the most easiest to collect for American Gold Eagle Coins Sep 23, 2020 Coin Collecting & Gold & Numismatic & Blogging One of the most beautiful gold coins in the United States today is the Gold American Eagle coin. It has a dramtic obverse showing Lady Liberty with Silver Pieces of Eight - Spanish Dollar Sep 21, 2020 Coin Collecting & Silver & Numismatic & Blogging Nothing conjures the thrill of adventure like sunken treasure. This is a tale during when Pirates attacked Spanish ships sailing from the New World