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Becoming a Professional Blogger Nov 1, 2020 Blogging & Personal Development & SEO Strategy There was a short time when at a previous Startup I moved out of Sales and into Marketing. I had to produce a lot targeted content in a niche market How to Blog Yourself to a New Life Aug 23, 2020 Blogging & Personal Development & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship I’m going to start this post with a big helping of gratitude. I’m so grateful to the 1000’s of readers that helped me get into the field of Data Corona, Sales, and Carpet Salesmen Apr 30, 2020 Personal Development & Blogging It’s Saturday and the month of April is almost over. It WAS Saturday when I started writing this but now it’s the last day of April. It’s been You Need Goals in Times Like These Apr 6, 2020 Personal Development & Health & Blogging I hope that this blog post finds all of my readers happy and healthy. It feels really strange having to write that because of all the death that’s Working on 2020 Jan 10, 2020 Personal Development & Blogging Happy New Year readers! Granted it’s already 10 days into the new year but I’ve been having a well deserved break and easing back into work. Now Managing Your Time with Stoicism Nov 10, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging Lately I’ve been reading Seneca as part of my exploration of Stoicism. There’s a lot of great things here and I recommend you check out the video The Big Rocks Oct 10, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging I’m back in Silicon Valley for a few days to attend our yearly Sales Engineering (SE) training. It’s a great way for the growing SE team to get How Blogging Led to My Personal Growth Oct 9, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging now for over 12 years. I’ve written 100’s of posts, some short and some long. I’ve had my shares of ups Always Be Learning Jun 29, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging I always need to be learning. If I’m not pushing myself out of my comfort zone or just plain learning ‘cool shit,’ I just get bored and cranky. This The Ye Old Blog List May 20, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging Back when I started blogging in 2005-ish, I had a few blogs that destructed due to bad software or databases. My Sixth World News and Commentary The Pyschology of Writing Mar 29, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging I found this interesting article on Pocket about writing. The gist of it is that successful writing is about rituals. Every writer is different and A Traveling Sales Engineer Feb 17, 2019 Travel & Personal Development & Blogging Writers gonna write! February is shaping up to be a big traveling month for me. I was in Mountain View at the end of January for Sales Kick Off and Makers vs Takers Dec 1, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging The best startups have a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude. When a problem arises, no one get’s assigned the task to solve it. The team jumps right in and The Process of Writing Nov 24, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging Writing. I have such a love hate relationship with it. I try to write things of interest to my readers but I’m struggling to reconcile what to write Living the Dream? Nov 14, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging I’m going to preface this post by saying that lately I’ve been pretty emotional. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that in a Humility and Equanimity in Sales Nov 3, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging Dear Friend, I’ve been meaning to write about the importance humility and equanimity in sales. From my personal past observations, it seems these Millennials are Bailing on their jobs Sep 6, 2018 Millennials & Personal Development & Blogging I find this somewhat older post fascinating. It would appear that more and more millennials are waking up and realizing that there’s more to life The Download Apr 5, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging Good Morning. My name is Tom, it’s April 2018 and I’m done laying low. It’s time to download all this ‘stuff’ that’s been on my shoulders for so Education Technology Mar 1, 2017 Personal Development & Blogging Despite all the bruhaha that’s going on in Washington, entrepreneurs are reinventing how children are educated. Teachers and EdTech companies need