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FMS, an agent based Financial Market Simulator — FMS 0. Sep 22, 2022 tutorials & Python 1.9 Documentation" /> FMS, an agent based Financial Market Simulator — FMS Forecasting Medium Subscriber Count With Facebook Prophet Sep 22, 2022 machine learning & data science & writing & tutorial & python & tutorials & Python I’m going to share some code that I stole and cobbled together to forecast my Medium subscriber growth using ARIMA and Facebook’s Prophet python Factor Investing with Python #1 Data | Analytics Vidhya | Medium Sep 21, 2022 tutorials & Python Julia Over Python Sep 20, 2022 julia & python & thoughts & Machine Learning Interesting article. Still, I use python for everything BUT I do like Julia’s speed, when I can get it to work! :) Unlike Python, Julia was made to Hands-On-Simulation-Modeling-with-Python:Random. Sep 19, 2022 tutorials & Python at master · PacktPublishing:Hands-On-Simulation-Modeling-with-Python Python to the Rescue Nov 14, 2021 Data Science & AI Machine Learning & Python & Blogging I’m evaluating whether or not I should move this blog to another CMS platform so I can start building a community around it like it was before. H2O Wave App Tutorials Apr 2, 2021 H2Oai & Tutorials & Python & h2o Just like what I did with my general H2O-3 Tutorials, I’m starting a seperate H2O Wave Tutorial post for you all here. I will add to this as I go pythoncode Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python existingfolder Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python Python Tutorials Sep 13, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Python & Tutorials & python This is my ongoing list of Python Tutorials. I’m currently merging my various Python Tutorials into one cohesive list below as a way to reduce the streamlit-1 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python streamlit-h2o-automl-3 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python processedfiles Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python 2019 11 05 SP500 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python streamlit-h2o-automl-1 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python streamlit-2 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python streamlit-h2o-automl-2 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python streamlit-h2o-automl-4 Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python folder Sep 13, 2020 Tutorials & python information-shock Mar 17, 2020 Tutorials & python Python Forex Trading Bot Mar 17, 2020 Investing & Trading & Python & Forex Trading & Tutorials & python I have had some time to continue on my Python Forex Trading Bot (code borrowed from here and tweaked by me) now that we’re all self isolating. This Groovy over Python? Mar 5, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Python & Blogging After a few frustrating events where I had some python code blow up because of dependencies, I started looking hard a using Groovy going forward. The Contrarian Case for Getting Active Jan 15, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Python & Blogging Right before the New Year I posted an article on Medium titled “Is Passive Investing Going to Kill Us?” It centers around one particular chart where Updated Forex Charts with Bokeh Dec 15, 2019 Forex Trading & Python & AI Machine Learning & Blogging Just updating my past post on autogenerating support and resistance lines for the EURUSD. I’ve updated the charts to use Bokeh, a nicer and Downloading SEC.GOV data Nov 11, 2019 Python & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’ve finally found a way to download SEC.GOV data in a consistent and less stressful way. I want to give the University of Notre Dame Software Auto Support Resistance Lines in Forex Nov 8, 2019 Python & AI Machine Learning & Investing & Tutorials & python On the heels of my last post, I’ve extended those functions to the EURUSD pair. The data starts from this year 2019 and goes through to yesterday. EURUSD-Autolines Nov 8, 2019 Tutorials & python Functional Programming in Python Jan 13, 2019 Python & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’m spending time trying to understand the differences between writing classes and functions in Python. Which one is better and why? From what I’m Why (most) Twitter Bots Suck Sep 9, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Python & Blogging I’m going to be the first to admit that I use Python to send out Tweets to my followers. I have a few scripts that parse RSS feeds and do retweets Beta Testing an Instagram Hashtag Tool Jul 22, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Python & RapidMiner & Blogging Continuing the stream of consciousness from my Working with Instgram API, JSONPath, and RapidMiner post, I started beta testing a new and improved Jupyter Notebooks Everywhere Nov 8, 2017 programming & python & Thoughts It would appear that many of the cloud providers are now leveraging Jupyter Notebooks. I predominately use them with Python (3.6+) and Julia but #Python overtakes R for Data Science Sep 7, 2017 Python & R & Data Science & News This is really big news from KD Nuggets Keras and NLTK Aug 15, 2017 Data Science & Deep Learning & Keras & NLTK & Python & Text Analytics & Text Mining & Thoughts & tutorials I’ve been doing a lot more Python hacking, especially around text mining and using the deep learning library Keras and NLTK. Normally I’d do most of Best Adsense month so far Dec 4, 2016 Adsense & Python & Twitter & blogging & Income #Best Adsense month so far Last month I made $6.51 from Adsense revenue, the best month so far since I started this experiment. Although I didn’t A Simple Blog Post Tweeter Aug 12, 2016 Twitter & tutorials & Python #A Simple Blog Post Tweeter I continue on my journey to rebuild this blog’s traffic. One idea I had was to build a simple Python based blog post Plugging in, Python, and RapidMiner May 4, 2016 RapidMiner & Plotly & tutorials & Python #Plugging in, Python, and RapidMiner I’ve struggled for a while trying to build an embedded visualization for my auto-generated blog posts. Geo Distance in RapidMiner and Python Nov 4, 2015 Geospatial & RapidMiner & Python & tutorials In my previous post, I showed how you can use the Enrich by Webservice operator and OpenStreetMaps to do reverse geocoding lookups. This post will Coding RapidMiner in Python Oct 28, 2015 Python & RapidMiner & tutorials Back in middle school we learned about log tables. We learned how to look them up in a table, interpolate them, and then use the result in our Using Python with RapidMiner Apr 1, 2015 Python & RapidMiner & tutorials Just a quick note, I recently recorded a new video on how to use Python with RapidMiner Studio Twython and the Rise of Something Oct 14, 2014 RapidMiner & Python & tutorials For the longest time I had a goal to automate Neural Market Trends with financial innovation(s) and broadcast the results to my readers. I wanted to Python & Dreamhost Dec 29, 2013 Python & tutorials Neural Market Trends is currently hosted on Dreamhost and for the better part of a 1-1/2 years I’ve been trying to figure out how to install Learning Python helps me with Excel Jan 6, 2011 Python & Excel & tutorials I use Excel extensively at work and I’ve always wished to write intricate macros but never understood the complexities of Visual Basic. After Particle Swarm Optimization in Python Dec 11, 2010 Python & tutorials I found and installed the ECSPY evolutionary computation package and fiddled around with it. Considering I learned how to define and use functions A Simple INTC Chart Dec 9, 2010 Python & tutorials After yesterday’s “not so simple GOOG chart” adventure, I spent more time digging around the matplotlib website and discovered the A Not So Simple GOOG Chart Dec 8, 2010 Python & tutorials What I am about to post is a simple $GOOG chart created by a python script that I grabbed off Trainee Trader’s site. While creating a line chart of Learning Python - The Hard Way? Dec 6, 2010 Python & tutorials I’m teaching myself, through hand’s on exercises, how to code (script) in Python. So far its been a breeze, but that’s because I’ve found a great Poking Python Dec 3, 2010 tutorials & Python So I’m finally getting around to poking around with Python again, and I created a scatter plot for Google. I’m pretty impressed with the modules