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#Python overtakes R for Data Science Sep 7, 2017 Python & R & Data Science & News This is really big news from KD Nuggets AAII Fund Portfolio - R Code Jun 18, 2013 AAII & RapidMiner & R & Markets I’m uploading, as a text file, the R code for generating my AAII Fund Portfolio charts. It’s really simple, uses Quantmod, and pulls daily data Seasonal Investing May 22, 2012 R & Investing & tutorials This chart shows you that there is some truth to the “Sell in May” and the “Santa Claus” rally. Plus it’s the main reason why I rebalance my 401k on Rolling Performance of SPY, GLD, and SLV May 16, 2012 R & Investing & tutorials It’s been a while since I fired up R and charted out the rolling performance of SPY, GLD, and SLV. Here it is. You’ll note that the SPY has Statistics - An Introduction to R Mar 16, 2011 R & Statistics & tutorials I’m sure you’ve noticed that I put Google Ad’s back on this site. Don’t worry, I’m doing this on a temporary basis because I want you guys to help R and Rapidminer Together = Disruptive Technology! Mar 5, 2011 R & Statistics & RapidMiner & tutorials I’ve been teaching myself R now that I finally got Rapidminer’s R plugin to work.  It’s  pretty slick program and easy to learn, I’ve picked up so Quantmod Package in R Feb 27, 2011 R & tutorials I finally discovered the quantmod package for R, and I’m finally getting around to learning the darn software.  I think I’m going to abandon A Botched "R" plugin installation in Rapidminer - Solution Jan 11, 2011 RapidMiner & R & tutorials I decided to install the “R” plugin in Rapidminer recently and seriously botched the process.  I botched it so bad that Rapidminer got stuck in an An Example of R and Rapidminer for Trading Nov 20, 2010 r & rapidminer & trading & news & RapidMiner Ingo over at the Rapid-I blog found this link from a Rapid-I forum member about using R and Rapidminer for Trading.  It’s a pretty wild process Rapidminer and R - Together At Last! Sep 3, 2010 r & rapidminer & news & RapidMiner It’s ALMOST here, the R extension in Rapidminer is just one more week away!!! If you want a sneak peak of it, check out this intro video by Ralf