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Passive Income Update Jul 1, 2021 Investing & Retirement & Passive Income & Coast FIRE & Dividend Investing & Blogging I’ve stopped posting about my various investments that I use to generate passive income because no one cares. Sure they want to find out some ideas Passive Income - T Dividends Mar 20, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging There are many reasons why I hold AT&T ($T) for my passive income goals. The first one is that it was around during the Great Depression and the Is A 1929 Stock Market Crash Coming? Mar 5, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Passive Income & Stocktwits & Blogging I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about the Roaring 20’s and how they’re here now. I guess people are seeing a market near all-time records and Passive Income for February 2021 Mar 1, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Dividend Investing & Blogging This is my second monthly report on how my passive income journey to $100,000 a year is working. This month my passive income was a lot lower. QYLD Passive Income - JNJ Dividends Feb 24, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Dividend Investing & Blogging Today is the day I want to write about Johnson and Johnson ($JNJ) and why I’m holding it for the long term. One, it’s a well-established company 5 Tips to Building a Dividend Passive Income Portfolio Feb 15, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging Building a dividend producing passive income portfolio requires thought, time, and education. Today I’m sharing 5 tips for building a dividend Passive Income for January 2021 Feb 1, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging Today I’m writing a short but important post for myself. It’s to assess how my passive income strategies are working and if I’m on track to building Passive Income - RYLD Dividends Jan 25, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging I continue to collect dividend producing stocks and ETFs on my journey to generate $100,000 a year in Passive Income. Earlier this month I picked up Passive Income - QYLD Dividends Jan 18, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging My quest continues to earn $100,000 passive income in a year. Supporting my strategy is $QYLD, a monthly dividend producing ETF that uses a Covered Passive Income - GILT Dividends Jan 10, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging I added $GILT to my passive income portfolio at the beginning of 2021. I did it because the ex-dividend date was on 1/8/2021 and I saw that it had a DIY Passive Income Jan 8, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging I spent the first week of 2021 reacquainting myself with Dividend Reinvesting and I’ve concluded that it makes a ton of sense for someone like me. Passive Investing with Dividends Jan 1, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging As 2020 was ending I took some time to look at our 401k balances. This was a good year for our investments, all things considered, but one thing Should you Buy the Market now? Aug 19, 2020 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Trading & Retirement & Blogging We are living in crazy times. The (Stock) Market is reaching all time highs when the rest of Main Street is falling apart. Amazon is trading in the Everyone Wants to Get Rich Quick May 8, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging I’m a reader of Reddit and I found a subreddit that makes me sad. It’s called r/WallStreetBets. Everyone is posting on how much money they make or Stock and Fund Shopping List Mar 19, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Stock Market Trends & Blogging The markets have been in a complete freefall over the past few weeks. The likely culprit is Trump’s mishandling of the Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) The Contrarian Case for Getting Active Jan 15, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Python & Blogging Right before the New Year I posted an article on Medium titled “Is Passive Investing Going to Kill Us?” It centers around one particular chart where Vanguard's Total Index ETF - VTI Jun 2, 2019 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and at no Passive Investing & Income May 25, 2019 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging I’ve written about this countless times but I’m a big fan of passive investing in the markets. By doing less, I actually gain a lot more in returns. Investing in 2019 and beyond Mar 19, 2019 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging The r/investing sub cracks me up sometimes. This guy has had enough of the sub because all it spews is how great Buffet is and dollar cost