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Marriott vs Hilton Hotels Nov 26, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Travel & Blogging I travel a lot for work, or rather I used to until Covid19 hit. My last work related trip was to Florida to a convention on Robotic Process Terra Tech - TRTC Nov 13, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging I invested in Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) back in January 2018. Marijuana / Cannabis type stocks were making big moves back then and this company looked Battle of the Retailers AMZN WMT TGT RTH Nov 8, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging Every year in November investors and traders look toward ‘Black Friday’ as a way to gauge how well the end of the year is going to go. Black Friday NVIDIA vs Intel Nov 6, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging Now that Wall Street has accepted a Biden win, we’ll see more easing from the Fed and hopefully a great Santa Claus rally. That should be good news Should you Buy the Market now? Aug 19, 2020 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Trading & Retirement & Blogging We are living in crazy times. The (Stock) Market is reaching all time highs when the rest of Main Street is falling apart. Amazon is trading in the XLE Energy SPDR May 12, 2020 Investing & Stocktwits & Stock Market Trends & Blogging I picked up a few shares of XLE yesterday. I figured it was beaten down enough and should revert back to the mean, hopefully around $60. Update: Now Cruise Lines are Sinking May 7, 2020 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Trading & Blogging We all went on our first cruise last year on Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH). S and I had a great time, our kids were bored. When my wife first Stock and Fund Shopping List Mar 19, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Stock Market Trends & Blogging The markets have been in a complete freefall over the past few weeks. The likely culprit is Trump’s mishandling of the Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) Market Trends Nov 25, 2019 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Blogging Identifying stock market trends is like eating and drinking the Zeitgeist. It has to be inside you to understand it. You have to be social, go AAPL over the years May 8, 2007 Investing & Trading & Stock Market Trends & Blogging There’s something to be said about buying winners. Winners continue to win, and in the case of stocks, they keep making new highs. I know that AAPL