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Marriott vs Hilton Hotels Nov 26, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Travel & Blogging I travel a lot for work, or rather I used to until Covid19 hit. My last work related trip was to Florida to a convention on Robotic Process Back to Montreal Oct 2, 2019 Travel & Blogging Q3 is over. It’s been over for a day already but it seems like it was a week ago. This has been one of the busiest Q3’s in my career as a Sales A Traveling Sales Engineer Feb 17, 2019 Travel & Personal Development & Blogging Writers gonna write! February is shaping up to be a big traveling month for me. I was in Mountain View at the end of January for Sales Kick Off and A view of Boston Apr 10, 2016 Boston & RapidMiner & photos & Travel Boston South Street Station Apr 10, 2014 Boston & travel & Amtrak & news & Personal #Boston South Street Station Sitting in Frankfurt Sep 19, 2010 travel & rapidminer & news & RapidMiner Wow, Yes, I’m about to board my plane back to the USA so this post will have to be a bit short. Â I do owe you guys a long series of posts (and