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Clients and Friends


One of my first clients at RapidMiner was Marco. He bought RapidMiner Server from us to build dashboards and do a lot of ETL for his company in Mexico. In fact, I think he was our first Latin American customer. I helped me build the dashboards and troubleshoot problems. We met about three years ago at RapidMiner Wisdom. I didn’t have a lot of time to catch up with him there but we managed to get this picture together (Ingo is in there too). Then he promptly got snowed in and stayed a few days longer in the Big Apple.

As luck would have it, Marco and his fiancé were in NYC this past weekend to watch the Jaguars vs NY Giants game. Marco is a Jaguars fan and I love the NY Giants. Despite that, we got dinner together and talked shop. We laughed, talked about data science, RapidMiner, the joys of working with people who don't understand what you do, and life. Here we are at the 23rd street subway station. I'm trying to look like a badass but Marco's smile steals the show. I think he's just happy the Jaguars clobbered the Giants 20 to 15 on opening day! Good times. It's always a great time when a client becomes your friend.
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