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Currency Trends No. 1

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Good Morning! The results are in for this week’s currency neural net model.

  • Aussie D - RANGE

  • British Pound- STRONG UP

  • USD - DOWN

  • Euro - UP

  • Yen - DOWN

  • Swiss Franc - UP

What I'm seeing is that the Aussie D has probably topped out for the near term, while the British Pound is breaking out. Long term trends in the Euro and USD remain, as well as the Yen. What's interesting to note is that the Yen and Swiss Franc have been seeing a lot of intraweek trend flips. Although this week the trends show a DOWN and UP for the Yen and Franc, respectively, it's still too early to tell if this is indeed the beginnings of new trends. An UP trend in the Franc could mean near term topping in the Euro so we'll be watching these two currencies closely to see what they're going to do!
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