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More Lipstick On This Pig

I consider myself a Bullish guy.  I believe in the markets and that they'll recover one day into another fabulous Bull Market.  Heck, I'm still long in my retirement accounts and still plowing money into the markets as part of my long term investing strategy.  However, there is a short term reality out there that any sane person can't ignore.  The markets are still sucking bad and this rally is probably going to fall apart now or around the 1000 level in the S&P500.


How did I come to this? I did it through three ways: Technical Analysis, my recently updated Rapidminer neural net classification model, and my Monte Carlo simulation model. You can check out my example classification  model in the tutorial section to get an idea how to build one.

Bottom line: We don't have the right ingredients in place for a new Bull Market and we have more lipstick to put on this pig before we build a new Bull Market.

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