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Need Your Help To Build A New Neural Net Trend Model!

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As a way to continue to make Neural Market Trends a great place to visit on the web, I’m going to post development details and notes of a new trend model that we will create. I want to, over the course of a few weeks, engage my readers and myself into building a new trend neural net model of our collective choosing. We will use the 9 steps to success in neural net model development as our outline and we’ll detail the progress and thought process of building this model on this blog. We will use the open source YALE data modeler and free data sources to build this model. This is a great way, in addition to my “Build A Model” lessons, to build something totally from scratch and truly learn how take your investing to a new level. Does this sound like a good idea? If you’re interested, drop me a comment! PS: I’ll resume posting next Tuesday as I’m taking a few days off to celebrate Memorial Day! Have a good one!

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