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NVDA Trends Higher

NVDA Trend Trading Stocks

If it’s not the Fed rate cuts, then it’s NVDA’s tear higher. It’s going to the moon as r/WallStreetBets people would say. The good news is that it’s trading at an all time high and I expect it to break the $700 price level before it takes a breather, but I don’t know. Who really does?

NVDA is having a field day because because all the big tech companies (META, MSFT, etc) and anyone else who relies on GPUs for Generative AI is buying their products. The demand in this nacesent but transformative market is like the comet that killed the dinosaur, the world will be radically different once Gen AI is everywhere and in every process.

NVDA at an all time high

While I much perfer a less volatile market these days, the simple reality is this: you have to trade what you see. NVDA is the darling of the trend and momnetum world right now with a strong demand for its GPUs. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime and it will continue to go higher till it doesn’t.

When will NVDA’s trend higher stop? No one knows and that is why you have to use stops or have your exit price ready. You have to get out when your rules tell you too, not your heart.

In the meatime, stonks go up.

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