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Phil Donahue Interviews Ayn Rand


Ayn’s philosophy of Objectivism is pretty tough to swallow if you’ve never been exposed to it, but its the only thing that cuts through the BS today. She’s a follower of Aristotle and reason, and boy do we need more of that today!

I watched the entire 5 part series, and I suggest you do as well!

UPDATE 2019: I wanted to chime in here that it’s 2019 and I’ve spent the last 10 years thinking about Ayn’s philosophy. I find it completely misguided. If everyone is selfish and chasing money, you end up exploiting the Earth and marginalized people. That’s just not right. Take a look at the current Political environment. I rather favor Stocism over her philosophy now and I admit I was WRONG. Still, this post should serve as a reminder.

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