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Brainstorming Timeless Content Sep 19, 2022 blogging & Writing Data Science and Machine Learning Roundup Jan 30, 2022 Data Science & Machine Learning & Blogging In this week’s Data Science and Machine Learning link round-up, we’ll share some links that caught our (my) eye during the past few weeks. Open Source Exploitation Jan 20, 2022 Open Source & Blogging Here’s what I say, feel free to fork it. Feel free to build whatever “consortium” you want, but it’s going to be a futile effort. You won’t be able to use the original name in your forked product or service, so you won’t get brand recognition. You won’t have an in-depth understanding of the codebase or the years of experience that the developers, maintainers, and makers have You Are An Expendable Organic Robot Dec 13, 2021 work & Blogging Massive tornadoes ripped through a big portion of the Heartland a few days ago. The fact that we’re having tornadoes in December is for another post Python to the Rescue Nov 14, 2021 Data Science & AI Machine Learning & Python & Blogging I’m evaluating whether or not I should move this blog to another CMS platform so I can start building a community around it like it was before. Restarting the Site Nov 10, 2021 Data Science & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I shut Neural Market Trends down on the last day of August thinking it was going to be for good. Things have changed on my end and I’m thinking of Kubernetes & Julia Language Aug 1, 2021 Kubernetes & Julia Language & Data Science & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’m coming up on my 3rd anniversary at and we’ve embarked on an interesting pivot of sorts. Our new product is based on Kubernetes. At first Automation and Universal Basic Income Jul 16, 2021 Life & Blogging There was a big news sensation about Burger King workers quitting en masse in Lincoln, Nebraska. All 11 Burger King employees quit because: “We Work From Home is Here to Stay Jul 15, 2021 Blogging Work from home (WFH) is here to stay if you’re lucky and fight for it. I keep hearing from my customers that more and more companies are starting to pexels-pixabay-269129-feature Jul 15, 2021 Blogging Passive Income Update Jul 1, 2021 Investing & Retirement & Passive Income & Coast FIRE & Dividend Investing & Blogging I’ve stopped posting about my various investments that I use to generate passive income because no one cares. Sure they want to find out some ideas 2021-06-03-AMC Jun 3, 2021 Blogging 2021-06-03-BB Jun 3, 2021 Blogging 2021-06-03-GME Jun 3, 2021 Blogging The Meme Stocks GME, AMC, and BB Jun 3, 2021 Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging I’m still in awe watching retail traders en masse push these stocks to highs or even new highs. It all started with Gamestock (GME) a few months ago One Year of SEO Optimization Apr 23, 2021 SEO Strategy & Blogging In April 2020 my blog was barely alive. I had moved to Hugo from Pelican and ignored any kind of SEO optimization for it. I thought it was stupid 2021-04-23-NMT-organics Apr 23, 2021 Blogging Time Series for H2O with Modeltime Apr 22, 2021 H2Oai & AI Machine Learning & Blogging Matt Dancho, founder of Business Science Introduced to H2O-3 via the AutoML package Sample code in R shared Sample 2021-03-19-T Mar 20, 2021 Blogging 2021-03-19-T-dividend-history Mar 20, 2021 Blogging Passive Income - T Dividends Mar 20, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging There are many reasons why I hold AT&T ($T) for my passive income goals. The first one is that it was around during the Great Depression and the 2021-03-19-T-histogram Mar 20, 2021 Blogging 2021-03-19-T-fundamentals Mar 20, 2021 Blogging timevseffort Mar 19, 2021 Blogging books Mar 19, 2021 Blogging Installing Ghost CMS on AWS Lightsail Mar 15, 2021 Blogging & Tutorials & cms This tutorial is not about porting Hugo posts to the Ghost format but instead it’s about how I got a custom domain, CDN, and removed the :80 port Is A 1929 Stock Market Crash Coming? Mar 5, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Passive Income & Stocktwits & Blogging I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about the Roaring 20’s and how they’re here now. I guess people are seeing a market near all-time records and stock-market-crash Mar 5, 2021 Blogging stock-market-crash-paper Mar 5, 2021 Blogging Passive Income for February 2021 Mar 1, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Dividend Investing & Blogging This is my second monthly report on how my passive income journey to $100,000 a year is working. This month my passive income was a lot lower. QYLD timevseffort Feb 24, 2021 Blogging 2021-02-23-JNJ-markov-runs Feb 24, 2021 Blogging Passive Income - JNJ Dividends Feb 24, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Dividend Investing & Blogging Today is the day I want to write about Johnson and Johnson ($JNJ) and why I’m holding it for the long term. One, it’s a well-established company 2021-02-23-JNJ Feb 24, 2021 Blogging 2021-02-24-JNJ-dividend-history Feb 24, 2021 Blogging 2021-02-24-JNJ-fundamentals Feb 24, 2021 Blogging 2021-02-23-JNJ-histogram Feb 24, 2021 Blogging trend Feb 15, 2021 Blogging time Feb 15, 2021 Blogging piggybank Feb 15, 2021 Blogging 5 Tips to Building a Dividend Passive Income Portfolio Feb 15, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging Building a dividend producing passive income portfolio requires thought, time, and education. Today I’m sharing 5 tips for building a dividend IMG 0073 Feb 12, 2021 Blogging My Search for a Low Touch Passive Income Generator Feb 12, 2021 Stocktwits & Trading & Investing & Millennials & Dividend Investing & Blogging It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance while the music was played. - Alan Watts I struggled with where to publish this Gamestop (GME) Noise Feb 7, 2021 Stocktwits & Trading & Investing & Blogging Gamestop ($GME) has been in the news a lot lately and I’ve written three articles about it on Medium. It’s been an amazing thing to watch, the short 2021-02-06-GME Feb 7, 2021 Blogging Passive Income for January 2021 Feb 1, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging Today I’m writing a short but important post for myself. It’s to assess how my passive income strategies are working and if I’m on track to building Market Report for Jan 30, 2020 Jan 30, 2021 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Bitcoin & Nasdaq & Dow Jones & S&P500 & Blogging It’s Saturday, January 30, 2021, and this your Market report. What a crazy week! Stocks had an up and down week, Metals were mixed, and Bitcoin is Passive Income - RYLD Dividends Jan 25, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging I continue to collect dividend producing stocks and ETFs on my journey to generate $100,000 a year in Passive Income. Earlier this month I picked up 2021-01-14-RYLD-fundamentals2 Jan 25, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-14-RYLD Jan 25, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-RYLD Jan 25, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-14-RYLD-dividend-history Jan 25, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-14-RYLD-fundamentals Jan 25, 2021 Blogging Market Report for Jan 23, 2020 Jan 23, 2021 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Bitcoin & Nasdaq & Dow Jones & S&P500 & Blogging It’s Saturday, January 23, 2021, and this your Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Stock Market report. What a week! Stock market indices close near all time 2021-01-13-QYLD-dividend-history1 Jan 18, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-13-QYLD-dividend-history2 Jan 18, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-16-QYLD Jan 18, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-13-QYLD-fundamentals Jan 18, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-13-QYLD Jan 18, 2021 Blogging Passive Income - QYLD Dividends Jan 18, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging My quest continues to earn $100,000 passive income in a year. Supporting my strategy is $QYLD, a monthly dividend producing ETF that uses a Covered Market Report for Jan 16, 2020 Jan 16, 2021 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Bitcoin & Nasdaq & Dow Jones & S&P500 & Blogging It’s Saturday, January 16, 2021, and this your Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Stock Market report. The markets take a pause this week to catch their 2021-01-10-GILT Jan 11, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-10-GILT-dividend-history Jan 11, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-10-GILT-fundamentals Jan 11, 2021 Blogging Passive Income - GILT Dividends Jan 10, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging I added $GILT to my passive income portfolio at the beginning of 2021. I did it because the ex-dividend date was on 1/8/2021 and I saw that it had a Market Report for Jan 9, 2020 Jan 9, 2021 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Bitcoin & Nasdaq & Dow Jones & S&P500 & Blogging It’s Saturday, January 9, 2021, and this your Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Stock Market report. What a week! With the Capitol riots in DC - incited by 2021-01-09-Nasdaq 100-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-09-GOLD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-Nasdaq 100-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-01-BTC-USD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-09-BTC-USD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-09-Dow Jones-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-GOLD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-S&P500-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-BTC-USD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-01-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-SILVER-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-29-BB Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-16-Dow Jones-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-16-SILVER-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-09-SILVER-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-16-GOLD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-16-Nasdaq 100-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-01-GOLD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-GOLD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-BB Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-01-SILVER-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-09-S&P500-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-BTC-USD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-Dow Jones-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-09-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-SILVER-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-29-GME Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-23-Dow Jones-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-16-BTC-USD-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-AMC Jan 8, 2021 Blogging DIY Passive Income Jan 8, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Dividend Investing & Stocktwits & Blogging I spent the first week of 2021 reacquainting myself with Dividend Reinvesting and I’ve concluded that it makes a ton of sense for someone like me. 2021-01-16-S&P500-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-Nasdaq 100-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-S&P500-RS Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-30-GME Jan 8, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-29-AMC Jan 8, 2021 Blogging Market Report for Jan 1, 2020 Jan 1, 2021 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Bitcoin & Blogging Happy New Year! It’s Friday January 1, 2021 and this your Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin market report! Markets are closed today. Gold closed up +1.89% 2021-01-01-IDV Jan 1, 2021 Blogging 2021-01-01-VYM Jan 1, 2021 Blogging Passive Investing with Dividends Jan 1, 2021 Retirement & 401k Retirement & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging As 2020 was ending I took some time to look at our 401k balances. This was a good year for our investments, all things considered, but one thing 2020-12-27-GOLD-RS Dec 26, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-27-SILVER-RS Dec 26, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-27-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Dec 26, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-27-BTC-USD-RS Dec 26, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Dec 26, 2020 Dec 26, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Bitcoin & Blogging It’s Saturday, December 26, 2020 and this is the last Gold and Silver market report for 2020! Look to more market reports in 2021 with additional 2020-12-19-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Dec 19, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-19-GOLD-RS Dec 19, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-19-SILVER-RS Dec 19, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Dec 19, 2020 Dec 19, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, December 19, 2020 and this is your week’s Gold and Silver market report. In a stunning reversal, Gold and Silver prices closed higher 2020 AI Market in Review Dec 17, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Blogging 2020! What a crazy year! We had the Covid19 pandemic, major economic shocks, two big IPO’s in the immediate ‘AI’ space, and lots of new machine 2020-12-12-GOLD-RS Dec 12, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-12-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Dec 12, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Dec 12, 2020 Dec 12, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, December 12, 2020 and this is your week’s Gold and Silver market report. Gold and Silver prices closed mixed this week with Gold 2020-12-12-SILVER-RS Dec 12, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-05-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Dec 5, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-05-GOLD-RS Dec 5, 2020 Blogging 2020-12-05-SILVER-RS Dec 5, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Dec 5, 2020 Dec 5, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, December 5, 2020 and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver prices rebounded this week after a severe Gold & Silver Market Report for Nov 28, 2020 Nov 28, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, November 28, 2020 and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver prices were clobbered this holiday week as 2020-11-24-HLT Nov 26, 2020 Blogging 2021-04-26-MAR Nov 26, 2020 Blogging 2021-04-26-HLT Nov 26, 2020 Blogging 2020-11-24-MAR Nov 26, 2020 Blogging Marriott vs Hilton Hotels Nov 26, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Travel & Blogging I travel a lot for work, or rather I used to until Covid19 hit. My last work related trip was to Florida to a convention on Robotic Process Gold & Silver Market Report for Nov 21, 2020 Nov 21, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, November 21, 2020 and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. The hits keep coming for Gold and Silver as both closed Gold & Silver Market Report for Nov 14, 2020 Nov 14, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, November 14, 2020 and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. It was a bad week for Gold and a rough week for Silver. Gold 2020-11-13-TRTC Nov 13, 2020 Blogging Terra Tech - TRTC Nov 13, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging I invested in Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) back in January 2018. Marijuana / Cannabis type stocks were making big moves back then and this company looked 2020-11-13-TRTC-long Nov 13, 2020 Blogging 2020-03-19-AAPL Nov 8, 2020 Blogging Battle of the Retailers AMZN WMT TGT RTH Nov 8, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging Every year in November investors and traders look toward ‘Black Friday’ as a way to gauge how well the end of the year is going to go. Black Friday aapl-050707 Nov 8, 2020 Blogging 2020-11-15-AAPL Nov 8, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Nov 7, 2020 Nov 7, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, November 7, 2020 and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. It was a good week for Gold and Silver now that the US NVIDIA vs Intel Nov 6, 2020 Stock Market Trends & Investing & Trading & Stocktwits & Blogging Now that Wall Street has accepted a Biden win, we’ll see more easing from the Fed and hopefully a great Santa Claus rally. That should be good news RTH Stock Price Nov 6, 2020 Blogging Becoming a Professional Blogger Nov 1, 2020 Blogging & Personal Development & SEO Strategy There was a short time when at a previous Startup I moved out of Sales and into Marketing. I had to produce a lot targeted content in a niche market 2020-10-31-GOLD-RS Oct 31, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-31-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Oct 31, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-31-GOLD-EURUSD-Ratio Oct 31, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Oct 31, 2020 Oct 31, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, October 31, 2020, and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver closed lower this week with a loss of -1.29% 2020-10-31-SILVER-RS Oct 31, 2020 Blogging Facebook & Political Ads Targeting Oct 29, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Privacy & Blogging Talk about scummy, Facebook is getting nervous. NYU Researchers @LauraEdelson2 and Damon McCoy were sent a cease and desist letter into their 2020-10-24-GOLD-EURUSD-Ratio Oct 24, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-24-SILVER-RS Oct 24, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-24-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Oct 24, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Oct 24, 2020 Oct 24, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday, October 24, 2020, and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver closed mixed this week with a loss of -0.03% 2020-10-24-GOLD-RS Oct 24, 2020 Blogging silvermeme Oct 24, 2020 Blogging Ultimate Guide to Coin Hunting Oct 22, 2020 Coin Collecting & Silver & Numismatic & Gold & Blogging How many times do you feel that you must’ve touched a silver dime in your pocket change only to give it away without knowing about it? Maybe you Liberty $1 Reverse Oct 19, 2020 Blogging American Silver Eagle Coins Oct 19, 2020 Coin Collecting & Silver & Numismatic & Blogging One of the most beautiful silver coins in the United States today is the Silver American Eagle coin. This is perhaps the most easiest to collect for Liberty $1 Obverse Oct 19, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Oct 18, 2020 Oct 18, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Sunday October 18, 2020 and this is your week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver closed flat this week with a loss of -1.03% and 2020-10-18-SILVER-RS Oct 18, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-18-GOLD-SILVER-Ratio Oct 18, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-18-GOLD-RS Oct 18, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Oct 10, 2020 Oct 10, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday October 10, 2020 and this is this week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver closed higher in the metals market this week 2020-10-10-GOLD-RS Oct 10, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-10-SILVER-RS Oct 10, 2020 Blogging 2020-10-03-SILVER-RS Oct 3, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Oct 3, 2020 Oct 3, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday October 3, 2020 and this is this week’s gold and silver market report. Gold and Silver closed higher in the metals market this week by 2020-10-03-GOLD-RS Oct 3, 2020 Blogging 2020-09-27-SILVER-RS Sep 26, 2020 Blogging 2020-09-27-GOLD-RS Sep 26, 2020 Blogging Gold & Silver Market Report for Sept 26, 2020 Sep 25, 2020 Market Report & Gold & Silver & Blogging It’s Saturday September 26, 2020 and the Gold and Silver markets close lower this week by -4.88% to $1,866.30 and -14.88% to $23.09 respectively. American Gold Eagle Coins Sep 23, 2020 Coin Collecting & Gold & Numismatic & Blogging One of the most beautiful gold coins in the United States today is the Gold American Eagle coin. It has a dramtic obverse showing Lady Liberty with Silver Pieces of Eight - Spanish Dollar Sep 21, 2020 Coin Collecting & Silver & Numismatic & Blogging Nothing conjures the thrill of adventure like sunken treasure. This is a tale during when Pirates attacked Spanish ships sailing from the New World Reyes Católicos 8 reales 28829 Sep 21, 2020 Blogging Liberty $50 Reverse Sep 3, 2020 Blogging Liberty $50 Obverse Sep 3, 2020 Blogging sourdough Aug 23, 2020 Blogging How to Blog Yourself to a New Life Aug 23, 2020 Blogging & Personal Development & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship I’m going to start this post with a big helping of gratitude. I’m so grateful to the 1000’s of readers that helped me get into the field of Data BlogSEO Aug 23, 2020 Blogging pro-blogging Aug 23, 2020 Blogging Should you Buy the Market now? Aug 19, 2020 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Trading & Retirement & Blogging We are living in crazy times. The (Stock) Market is reaching all time highs when the rest of Main Street is falling apart. Amazon is trading in the uphold2 Aug 3, 2020 Blogging uphold3 Aug 3, 2020 Blogging Uphold. The Cryptocurrency Interledger Aug 3, 2020 Investing & Blogging My position on whether cryptocurrency is a fad or real changes from month to month. I had a hard time connecting the dots until recently. What uphold Aug 3, 2020 Blogging ��--- toc: true Title: The Fight for Privacy Date: 2020-06-26 lastmod: 2020-08-27 slug: fight-privacy-begins-data aliases: - /blog/fight-privacy-begins-data/ - /fight-privacy-begins-data/ images: - /images/hacker. Jun 26, 2020 Blogging ��--- toc: true Title: The Fight for Privacy Date: 2020-06-26 lastmod: privacy Jun 26, 2020 Blogging Coil & Web Monetization in Hugo Jun 17, 2020 Blogging & Tutorials & cms I was on Twitter one day and I came across an announcement that HackerNoon had joined the micropayment world and gotten an infusion of cash from We Are Slaves to Subscriptions! May 24, 2020 Blogging As software continues to eat the world, we’re slowly becoming slaves to subscriptions. I don’t remember when I started thinking about this but it Hugo, the Static CMS May 21, 2020 Blogging & Tutorials & cms If you’ve been reading this blog for some time you’d know that I like to try different CMS’s. I made some mistakes over the years and I transferred 2020-05-19-AAPL May 19, 2020 Blogging An Apple a Day May 19, 2020 Investing & Blogging Apple was a great winner for me. Too bad I sold it on April 1st but hindsight is always 20-20. I think I went long sometime back DecemberDecember 2020-05-14-jobs May 14, 2020 Blogging watterson May 13, 2020 Blogging 2020-05-13-TGT May 13, 2020 Blogging 2020-05-13-JCP May 13, 2020 Blogging It's a Good Time to Start a Business May 13, 2020 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Coin Collecting & Real Estate Investing & Blogging I was once told that the best time to start a business is in a recession. The reasoning behind it is that the business would get stronger once the JC Penny is Dead May 13, 2020 Investing & Blogging From the ‘sad news’ file, JC Penny is getting ready to file bankruptcy. That’s too bad. I remember JCP being one of those ‘stalwart’ companies I XLE Energy SPDR May 12, 2020 Investing & Stocktwits & Stock Market Trends & Blogging I picked up a few shares of XLE yesterday. I figured it was beaten down enough and should revert back to the mean, hopefully around $60. Update: Now 2020-05-12-XLE May 12, 2020 Blogging Everyone Wants to Get Rich Quick May 8, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging I’m a reader of Reddit and I found a subreddit that makes me sad. It’s called r/WallStreetBets. Everyone is posting on how much money they make or Cruise Lines are Sinking May 7, 2020 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Trading & Blogging We all went on our first cruise last year on Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH). S and I had a great time, our kids were bored. When my wife first Even Masters Make Mistakes May 1, 2020 Blogging I haven’t play Go in a very long time but I came across this short video of a Master making a major blunder. I don’t understand Japanese but you can Gilead Sciences and Tesla Apr 30, 2020 Investing & Blogging Some of yesterday’s winners or most active should be no news to any who looks at the markets. Gilead Sciences announced some positive results Corona, Sales, and Carpet Salesmen Apr 30, 2020 Personal Development & Blogging It’s Saturday and the month of April is almost over. It WAS Saturday when I started writing this but now it’s the last day of April. It’s been Not Sure Where the Market is Going? Apr 29, 2020 Investing & Blogging I don’t know where the market is going. Will it shrug off all this Covid19 pandemic or will it fall apart? I really don’t know. That’s the thing 2020-08-28-Emp-Claims-Chart Apr 23, 2020 Blogging Millions of Jobless Claims Apr 23, 2020 Blogging 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. That’s on top of the 22 million from the past 4 weeks. All the job gains for the last decade 2020-05-14-jobs Apr 23, 2020 Blogging 2020-04-23-JoblessClaims Apr 23, 2020 Blogging 2020-04-22-WITC Apr 22, 2020 Blogging Oil below Zero Dollars a barrel Apr 22, 2020 Investing & Blogging The Oil markets are a really dumpster fire these days. With the Russian and Saudi oil wars going on the result has been a flood of oil in the Software is eating the World Apr 16, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I started playing bass guitar when I was in high school. The whole goal was to make our own music and get ‘chicks.’ I won’t lie, I was a horny AI is Evolving Apr 14, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I posted about AutoML-zero in my newsletter a few weeks ago. I found genetic programming and applying evolutionary search for machine learning to be Things will change after COVID19 Apr 8, 2020 Health & Privacy & Blogging After 5 weeks of self isolation I’ve finally gotten a chance to think about a post Covid19 world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that You Need Goals in Times Like These Apr 6, 2020 Personal Development & Health & Blogging I hope that this blog post finds all of my readers happy and healthy. It feels really strange having to write that because of all the death that’s Joining the Indie Web Mar 21, 2020 Blogging I don’t remember how I found it but I learned about the Indie web from this blog post. The Indie Web is a movement to reclaim your authorship and 2020-03-19-AAPL Mar 19, 2020 Blogging 2020-03-19-MSFT Mar 19, 2020 Blogging Stock and Fund Shopping List Mar 19, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Stock Market Trends & Blogging The markets have been in a complete freefall over the past few weeks. The likely culprit is Trump’s mishandling of the Covid-19 (aka Coronavirus) Groovy over Python? Mar 5, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Python & Blogging After a few frustrating events where I had some python code blow up because of dependencies, I started looking hard a using Groovy going forward. Groovy for Data Science Jan 17, 2020 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I was looking through Reddit the other day and came across an interesting post in r/Groovy. The group itself has been relatively dead for a while The Contrarian Case for Getting Active Jan 15, 2020 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Python & Blogging Right before the New Year I posted an article on Medium titled “Is Passive Investing Going to Kill Us?” It centers around one particular chart where Working on 2020 Jan 10, 2020 Personal Development & Blogging Happy New Year readers! Granted it’s already 10 days into the new year but I’ve been having a well deserved break and easing back into work. Now Updated Forex Charts with Bokeh Dec 15, 2019 Forex Trading & Python & AI Machine Learning & Blogging Just updating my past post on autogenerating support and resistance lines for the EURUSD. I’ve updated the charts to use Bokeh, a nicer and Morgan Stanley Layoffs, VTI keeps climbing Dec 10, 2019 Investing & Blogging Yesterday Morgan Stanley announced a 2% reduction in workforce across the entire organization. It’s citing an “uncertain global environment.” That’s How to Recognize AI Snakeoil Dec 5, 2019 AI Machine Learning & Blogging My colleague posted an interesting Princeton presentation to our group Slack channel. It’s about how AI is being used in social interactions such as Go Master Quits, AI too powerful Dec 1, 2019 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I just read that Lee Sedol is retiring from the competitive Go world because of AlphaGo. The South Korean said he had decided to retire after AI Trading & Lehman Brothers? Nov 27, 2019 AI Machine Learning & Investing & Blogging WOW! I posted this over 12 years ago. Talk about being spot on the money! I hate to do this but I’m going to quote myself here: I firmly believe Investing in the S&P500 beats AI Trading Nov 26, 2019 Investing & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I forgot to link to this image back in early May 2019. It’s from Bloomberg and it makes a lot of sense, maybe eye opening for some. {{< img 2019-05-06-investing-beats-AI-trading Nov 26, 2019 Blogging 2019-11-25-MSFT Nov 25, 2019 Blogging 2020-11-19-FCEL Nov 25, 2019 Blogging 2019-11-25-TRTC Nov 25, 2019 Blogging Market Trends Nov 25, 2019 Investing & Stock Market Trends & Blogging Identifying stock market trends is like eating and drinking the Zeitgeist. It has to be inside you to understand it. You have to be social, go 2019-11-25-TGT Nov 25, 2019 Blogging Downloading SEC.GOV data Nov 11, 2019 Python & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’ve finally found a way to download SEC.GOV data in a consistent and less stressful way. I want to give the University of Notre Dame Software Managing Your Time with Stoicism Nov 10, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging Lately I’ve been reading Seneca as part of my exploration of Stoicism. There’s a lot of great things here and I recommend you check out the video The Big Rocks Oct 10, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging I’m back in Silicon Valley for a few days to attend our yearly Sales Engineering (SE) training. It’s a great way for the growing SE team to get How Blogging Led to My Personal Growth Oct 9, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging now for over 12 years. I’ve written 100’s of posts, some short and some long. I’ve had my shares of ups Back to Montreal Oct 2, 2019 Travel & Blogging Q3 is over. It’s been over for a day already but it seems like it was a week ago. This has been one of the busiest Q3’s in my career as a Sales Ray Dalio Goes Long Gold Jul 22, 2019 Coin Collecting & Gold & Real Estate Investing & Investing & Blogging I just read this CNBC article that Ray Dalio is going long Gold. He believes that the markets are undergoing a paradigm shift and he might be right. Always Be Learning Jun 29, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging I always need to be learning. If I’m not pushing myself out of my comfort zone or just plain learning ‘cool shit,’ I just get bored and cranky. This Real Estate Buying Guide Jun 18, 2019 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Blogging I want to share my experiences as a Real Estate Investor (REI) and expert in the engineering field as a way to help novice real estate buyers. My house Jun 18, 2019 Blogging Real Estate Flippers are Flipping Out Jun 11, 2019 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging It’s been a long time since I wrote anything related to Real Estate (RE), especially about flipping houses. I heard on Bloomberg yesterday that the 2019-05-31-VTI-weekly Jun 2, 2019 Blogging Vanguard's Total Index ETF - VTI Jun 2, 2019 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links and at no MLI with RSparkling Jun 1, 2019 AI Machine Learning & h2oai & Blogging Last evening my colleague Navdeep Gill (@Navdeep_Gill_) posted a link to his latest talk titled “Interpretable Machine Learning with RSparkling.” RSparkling Jun 1, 2019 Blogging H2OAlgos Jun 1, 2019 Blogging hilton-honors May 26, 2019 Blogging united-explorer-card May 26, 2019 Blogging Best Airline & Hotel Rewards Credit Cards May 26, 2019 Reviews & Blogging I do a lot of traveling for work these days. I’m on a plane at least 5 times a month and have long stay overs at least once a month. I’m not Passive Investing & Income May 25, 2019 Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging I’ve written about this countless times but I’m a big fan of passive investing in the markets. By doing less, I actually gain a lot more in returns. The Ye Old Blog List May 20, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging Back when I started blogging in 2005-ish, I had a few blogs that destructed due to bad software or databases. My Sixth World News and Commentary Interpreting Machine Learning Models May 9, 2019 h2oai & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I found this short 8 minute video from H2O World about Machine Learning 2019-05-09-MLI May 9, 2019 Blogging Microsoft the AI Powerhouse May 7, 2019 AI Machine Learning & Investing & Blogging I’ve been a long term shareholder of MSFT and I’ve been rewarded quite well. Under the leadership of CEO Nadella, Microsoft has become and AI 2019-05-07-MSFT May 7, 2019 Blogging cruise2019 Apr 22, 2019 Blogging Phone Addiction Apr 22, 2019 Millennials & Blogging The family and I took a cruise over Spring Break and had a blast. Even though I Machine Learning Making Pesto Tastier Apr 4, 2019 AI Machine Learning & Blogging Now this is something I can get behind, using machine learning to make Pesto tastier! The article is really about growing Basil with higher The Pyschology of Writing Mar 29, 2019 Personal Development & Blogging I found this interesting article on Pocket about writing. The gist of it is that successful writing is about rituals. Every writer is different and Investing2019 Mar 19, 2019 Blogging Investing in 2019 and beyond Mar 19, 2019 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Retirement & 401k Retirement & Blogging The r/investing sub cracks me up sometimes. This guy has had enough of the sub because all it spews is how great Buffet is and dollar cost TensorFlow and High Level APIs Mar 16, 2019 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I got a chance to watch this great presentation on the upcoming release of TensorFlow v2 by Martin Wicke. He goes over A Traveling Sales Engineer Feb 17, 2019 Travel & Personal Development & Blogging Writers gonna write! February is shaping up to be a big traveling month for me. I was in Mountain View at the end of January for Sales Kick Off and Functional Programming in Python Jan 13, 2019 Python & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’m spending time trying to understand the differences between writing classes and functions in Python. Which one is better and why? From what I’m Feature Engineering in Driverless AI Jan 9, 2019 h2oai & AI Machine Learning & Blogging Dmitry Larko, Kaggle Grandmaster, and Senior Data Scientist at goes into depth on how to apply feature engineering in general and in What's new in Driverless AI? Dec 26, 2018 AI Machine Learning & h2oai & Blogging Arno, H2O’s CTO, gave a great 1+ hour overview in what’s new with Driverless AI version 1.4.1. If you check back in a Screenshot-2018-12-07-06.59.40 Dec 17, 2018 Blogging Screenshot-2018-12-07-06.47.08 Dec 17, 2018 Blogging Flux Machine Learning for Julia Dec 7, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Blogging There was a HUGE announcement on the Julia blog a few days ago. The convergence of a language for machine learning and marrying it with a compiler Makers vs Takers Dec 1, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging The best startups have a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude. When a problem arises, no one get’s assigned the task to solve it. The team jumps right in and How Passive Investing Saved My Life Nov 29, 2018 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Blogging Passive investing saved my life in many ways, but not in the way you think. It didn’t swing from the trees like Tarzan and snatch me away from a las-vegas-trading Nov 29, 2018 Blogging Startups and Open Source Nov 27, 2018 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging This is my third startup. Or maybe my fourth, I’m not sure but it gets hazy after a while. What I do know is that if I ever do another startup, I’ll The Process of Writing Nov 24, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging Writing. I have such a love hate relationship with it. I try to write things of interest to my readers but I’m struggling to reconcile what to write Ray Dalio's Pure Alpha Fund Nov 20, 2018 Investing & Gold & Blogging Ray Dalio’s Pure Alpha Fund returned 14.6% for 2018. That’s an amazing feat considering the majority of hedge funds averaged a loss of 6.7%. How gold Nov 20, 2018 Blogging Living the Dream? Nov 14, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging I’m going to preface this post by saying that lately I’ve been pretty emotional. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that in a Humility and Equanimity in Sales Nov 3, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging Dear Friend, I’ve been meaning to write about the importance humility and equanimity in sales. From my personal past observations, it seems these What is Reusable Holdout? Nov 2, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Blogging independent Ideally, the holdout score gives an accurate estimate of the true performance of the model on the underlying distribution from which the Open Source Oct 22, 2018 h2oai & AI Machine Learning & Blogging Dear Friend, I’ve been think a lot about open source lately. I’ve also been thinking of closed source and open core too. All those words. What do Machine Learning Interpretability in R Sep 28, 2018 AI Machine Learning & h2oai & Blogging In this video the presenter goes over a new R package called ‘iML.’ This package has a lot of power when explaining global and local feature Why I Left RapidMiner Sep 21, 2018 RapidMiner & Blogging For those that are wondering why I left RapidMiner, my dream job, there are no gory details to share. The simple reason is I got burnt out. My time Matrix Factorization for Missing Values Sep 12, 2018 h2oai & AI Machine Learning & Blogging I stumbled across an interested reddit post about using matrix factorization (MF) for imputing missing values. The original poster was trying to MovieRating2 Sep 12, 2018 Blogging MovieRating Sep 12, 2018 Blogging Why (most) Twitter Bots Suck Sep 9, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Python & Blogging I’m going to be the first to admit that I use Python to send out Tweets to my followers. I have a few scripts that parse RSS feeds and do retweets MLI Using LIME Framework Sep 7, 2018 AI Machine Learning & h2oai & Blogging I found this talk to be fascinating. I’ve been a big fan of LIME but never really understood the details of how it works under the hood. I Millennials are Bailing on their jobs Sep 6, 2018 Millennials & Personal Development & Blogging I find this somewhat older post fascinating. It would appear that more and more millennials are waking up and realizing that there’s more to life Exploring Aug 10, 2018 AI Machine Learning & h2oai & Blogging A few years ago RapidMiner incorporated a fantastic open source library from That gave the platform Deep Learning, GLM, and a GBT algos, Beta Testing an Instagram Hashtag Tool Jul 22, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Python & RapidMiner & Blogging Continuing the stream of consciousness from my Working with Instgram API, JSONPath, and RapidMiner post, I started beta testing a new and improved VC's Killing Startups Jun 14, 2018 Entrepreneurship & Business Ideas & Blogging While VC’s are a necessary part of growing a startup, they can kill it too. I’ve seen this happen too many times where the VC’s kill the goose that Python Apr 25, 2018 Blogging Guide to Getting Started in Data Science Apr 25, 2018 AI Machine Learning & RapidMiner & h2oai & Blogging This is the forward to an updated ultimate guide on getting started in data science. I wanted to write a set of ‘getting started’ posts to share R Apr 25, 2018 Blogging Julia Apr 25, 2018 Blogging Java Apr 25, 2018 Blogging My Chinese Big Brother - Part 2 Apr 19, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Blogging Coming on the heels of “I told you so,” China is using facial recognition to make sure you’re a good Chinese citizen. Authorities in Shenzhen, AIvsMLvsDL Apr 16, 2018 Blogging HowGoogleUsesML Apr 16, 2018 Blogging Data Science & Machine Learning Apr 16, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Blogging When I first self-taught myself ‘data science,’ there wasn’t a lot on the Internet to help me. I spent years cobbling information together reading The Millennial Generation Apr 12, 2018 Millennials & Blogging Good Morning, my name is Tom and I love the Millennial generation. I don’t love everyone or everything about them, but I love what they will become. The Download Apr 5, 2018 Personal Development & Blogging Good Morning. My name is Tom, it’s April 2018 and I’m done laying low. It’s time to download all this ‘stuff’ that’s been on my shoulders for so Build a Machine Learning Framework Mar 5, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Blogging Great article by Florian Cäsar on how his team developed a new machine learning framework. From scratch. In 491 steps! He summarizes the entire How StockTwits Uses Machine Learning Mar 2, 2018 AI Machine Learning & Blogging Fascinating behind the scenes interview of StockTwit’s Senior Data Scientist Garrett Hoffman. He shares great tidbits on how StockTwits uses machine Fraud Analytics in RapidMiner Nov 10, 2017 RapidMiner & AI Machine Learning & Blogging This is a great video presentation on Fraud Analytics use case with RapidMiner. See my notes below. ##Some key concepts AlphaGO Zero learns on its own Oct 19, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Blogging The news dropped that Google’s new implementation of AlphaGo, called AlphaGO Zero, was able to learn completely on its own. No training set was Introduction to Deep Learning Oct 16, 2017 RapidMiner & AI Machine Learning & H2Oai & Blogging This is a great introduction to Deep Learning. I know I learned a few things from Phillip. RapidMiner now can do GPU 2017-10-17-KerasRapidMiner Oct 16, 2017 Blogging OrangeTwitterProcess Oct 7, 2017 Blogging Orange 3 is impressive Oct 7, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I’ve been keeping a lazy eye on Orange over the years and it’s (fairly) recent update has made it quite an impressive contender in the Data Science OrangeRapidMinerClustering Oct 7, 2017 Blogging OrangeRapidMinerWordCloud Oct 7, 2017 Blogging Weaponizing AI Sep 12, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Blogging File this under “no shit Sherlock,” but hackers are already weaponizing machine learning. The AI, named SNAP_R, sent simulated spear-phishing Product Qualified Lead Model Aug 25, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging One of the big corporate strategy things I worked on was developing and putting into production a PQL model. It was essentially a propensity to buy What Works What Doesn't Work Aug 19, 2017 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & AI Machine Learning & Blogging An important lesson I’ve learned while working at a Startup is to do more of what works and jettison what doesn’t work, quickly. That’s the way to Is it Possible to Automate Data Science? Jul 10, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Blogging A few months ago I read about a programmer that automated his job down to the point where the coffee machine would make him lattes! Despite the Millennials can't catch a break! Jun 19, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Entrepreneurship & Millennials & Blogging This is just nuts. Millennials just can’t seem to catch a break. Now AI is coming for their jobs. Research released by Gallup on Thursday indicates Real Estate Market is Back! Jun 3, 2017 Real Estate Investing & Investing & Blogging Boy oh boy the real estate market is back with a vengeance. All of my Architect and Engineering friends are busier than right before the 2007 Startup Funding May 12, 2017 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging suddenly all the rage The above image from really captures a successful startup from inception to IPO. Most Advice from a Venture Capitialist May 6, 2017 Business Ideas & Entrepreneurship & Blogging HowardFredHoward’s blog What caught my ear (and Howard’s too) was how his wife (Gotham Girl) is his biggest cheerleader. What does he exactly mean Process Mining Apr 28, 2017 AI Machine Learning & RapidMiner & Blogging I’ve spent years working at small and large Engineering firms and they hardly made any money. Engineering firms are notorious for making 1 to 3% net Education Technology Mar 1, 2017 Personal Development & Blogging Despite all the bruhaha that’s going on in Washington, entrepreneurs are reinventing how children are educated. Teachers and EdTech companies need Big Data and Infrastructure Feb 7, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Blogging I have a daily downtime routine. Every evening I set aside about a hour and think. I sit or walk around the house and ruminate about all sorts of Machine Learning on a Raspberry Pi Jan 27, 2017 AI Machine Learning & Raspberry Pi & Blogging It looks like Google is catching up to the idea of machine learning on a Raspberry Pi! Someone put RapidMiner on a Pi back in 2013 but it was slow Latest Writing Elsewhere December 2016 Jan 3, 2017 blogging & data science & rapidminer & writing & Writing It’s hard to believe but 2016 is over. Here’s a list of my writings elsewhere in December 2016. I’m also including some RapidMiner community Build a Site from the Ground Up Dec 26, 2016 Beer & Blogging & Content Creation & blogging & CMS Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new blog, just for fun. The area of focus will be on craft beer brewing and reviews. Knowing Content Creation and Management Dec 18, 2016 CMS & Content Creation & Content Management & Marketing & blogging Bless me Father for I have sinned. Please forgive me for my content creation and management sins. Yes, I admit I’ve have mismanaged good content for Best Adsense month so far Dec 4, 2016 Adsense & Python & Twitter & blogging & Income #Best Adsense month so far Last month I made $6.51 from Adsense revenue, the best month so far since I started this experiment. Although I didn’t Latest Writing Elsewhere for November 2016 Nov 18, 2016 writing & blogging & Writing October and November have been a busy content months for me. Wrote a lot of internal stuff at RapidMiner and blogged quite a bit too. I even The Adsense Money Making Experiment Nov 8, 2016 Adsense & Blogging & blogging & Income #The Adsense Money Making Experiment I haven’t updated my readers in a while about how my Adsense experiment is going. I recently made a switch back Custom Reports in Google Analytics Nov 3, 2016 Blogging & Marketing & SEO & Traffic Generation & tutorials & Google #Custom Reports in Google Analytics Recently I imported some custom reports in Google Analytics that I found online. They have been eye opening Rebuilding a Blog - Part 4 Oct 4, 2016 Content Marketing & Internet & Data Science & RapidMiner & blogging & Traffic This post on rebuilding a blog is continuation of my previous post. In this post I wanted to review some goals I created in Google Analytics. These Rewiring Education Oct 1, 2016 education & stem & blogging & Writing Last night the kids and I were across the street at another family’s house for dinner. Their kids are the same age as my daughter and son and often Latest Writings Elsewhere for September 2016 Sep 29, 2016 tutorials & content & rapidminer & blogging & Writing Just a quick list of the content I’ve created some place other than this blog. This current list is 100% RapidMiner related but I’d like to branch Rebuilding a Blog - Part 3 Sep 6, 2016 Content Marketing & Internet & Data Science & RapidMiner & blogging & Traffic This post on rebuilding a blog is continuation of my previous post. My new SEO strategy is starting to pay off and I owe it all to tweaking the August 2016 Blog Income Report Sep 5, 2016 Marketing & Adsense & Film & blogging & Income I had a better month. I made a whopping $3.62, most of it through a single click! I was on track to be just as bad as July but my SEO changes have Hacking Meta Data with Blot.Im - Part 1 Aug 26, 2016 Meta Data & CMS & Traffic & Tutorials & blogging & SEO #Hacking Meta Data with Blot.Im - Part 1 I’ve been looking at ways to hack the SEO and Meta Data with Blot.Im. I wanted to hack the meta data in all Blog SEO - Sketching Out Some Thoughts Aug 24, 2016 CMS & Traffic & Sketch & blogging & SEO #Blog SEO - Sketching Out Some Thoughts This is my first stab at trying to figure out how to optimize the SEO here. A doodle/sketch just seems the SEO Health Checkup Aug 10, 2016 Website & blogging & SEO I’m busy with revamping this website, trying to rebuild its traffic. I spend my free time analyzing Google Analytics and checking Google Webmaster. Rebuilding a Blog - Part 2 Aug 5, 2016 Content Marketing & Internet & Data Science & RapidMiner & blogging & Traffic What’s not surprising is that my readers come from all over the world. The map below are where they came from in the first half of 2016. The July 2016 Blog Income Report Aug 4, 2016 Marketing & Adsense & Film & blogging & Income This month I made less in Google Adsense than I did the previous month. This month I generated $0.83. This sucks and at this rate I can’t even buy Rebuilding a Blog - Part 1 Jul 11, 2016 Content Marketing & Internet & Blogging & Traffic & blogging #Rebuilding a Blog - Part 1 My whole “buy a roll of film using Google Adsense” experiment is turning out to be an eye opening one. It’s eye opening June 2016 Blog Income Report Jul 8, 2016 Marketing & Adsense & Film & blogging & Income This month I made less in Google Adsense than I did the previous month. This month I generated $1.91 which is just barely 0.20 of a roll of Porta The King is Dead! Long Live the King! Jun 13, 2016 news & blogging & Writing I have news. I’ve been mulling around the idea for this post for the last two years, ever since I joined RapidMiner. The journey at RapidMiner has Why I'm Liking Blot.Im Jun 11, 2016 Blot.Im & blogging & CMS Long time readers know that I’ve struggled with blogging platforms for a long time. I finally opted for a static post approach because it’s safer May 2016 Blog Income Report Jun 10, 2016 Marketing & Adsense & Film & blogging & Income Recently, and for the hell of it, I decided to experiment with Google Adense and Infolinks ads on my blog. I used to do this many years ago and Your Digital Profile Jun 3, 2016 Blogging & Internet & Profile & LinkedIn & Marketing & Thoughts I think it was back in 2010 when I met up with an old high school classmate. Let’s call her “T,” and she was in between marketing jobs. I reached Auto Generating Blog Posts with RapidMiner Apr 18, 2016 Blogging & tutorials & RapidMiner Lately I’ve been fooling around with the new Blot.Im blogging engine and decided to see if I could use RapidMiner and some Javascript to auto RSS vs Sharing Apr 11, 2016 Blogging & RSS & Social Media & blogging & SEO Trends come and go in the blink of an eye these days. Usually some market disrupter comes along and changes the game with a shiny new thing. Using Google Analytics Mar 24, 2016 Google Analytics & Digital Marketing & Blogging & blogging & Traffic #Using Google Analytics Yesterday I came across a decent high level overview on how to use Google Analytics. I find digital marketing to be an I've Moved Mar 22, 2016 CMS & Blot & NodeJs & blogging #I’ve Moved! I’ve moved Neural Market Trends to Blot.IM, a great blogging platfrom that snycs from Dropbox to make posts. Purely html, txt, and Blogging platform of choice Mar 10, 2016 Jekyll & Blot.Im & blogging & CMS Long time readers know that I’ve wrestled with different CMS engines on this site. I started with Wordpress, then switched to Expression Engine, and Updated RSS feed Mar 5, 2016 RSS & Feed & blogging & CMS Just a quick note. If you want to stay on top of my latests posts, please subscribe to my RSS feed or sign up on my About page to get an email alert The Ebb and Flow of Everything Feb 15, 2016 blogging & Thoughts If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you’d know that it’s been through many transformations. I’ve rambled on from Forex trading, to Experimenting Feb 12, 2016 Blogging & tutorials & RapidMiner Just a quick post. I’m experimenting with adding a D3js type of dashboard to this site. I wrote a simple process to pull the closing prices of the Yet Another Language to Learn Sep 3, 2015 public speaking & blogging & Writing In today’s Advanced Analytic landscape we often hear about the mythical Data Scientist that can cure all our problems and unearth value hidden deep Terrible Jan 18, 2012 CMS & Blogging & News Expression Engine = Terrible Textpattern = Terrible Never again will I be switching from Wordpress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Data Mining Jul 3, 2007 Optimization & Tutorial & blogging & SEO I posted about the power of Data Mining when analyzing your blog’s traffic and how to maximize your Google Adword advertising relative to your Build Your Blog Traffic Using Excel and Data Mining Jun 5, 2007 Excel & Tutorial & blogging & Traffic This past Saturday, I posted about using data mining to look for patterns in your blog traffic. I wrote that you can use something called an Excel Blog Traffic Analysis Using Data Mining Jun 2, 2007 Google Analytics & Tutorial & blogging & Traffic Yes, you read correctly. You can data mine your blog’s traffic using a simple web statistics data collector like Google Adwords. I’m doing it right AAPL over the years May 8, 2007 Investing & Trading & Stock Market Trends & Blogging There’s something to be said about buying winners. Winners continue to win, and in the case of stocks, they keep making new highs. I know that AAPL