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US Billionaire Drowns in Tesla After Rescuers Struggle With Car's Strengthened Glass

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Mitch McConnell’s niece drowns in her Tesla Model X because no one could break the reinforced glass.

Angela Chao, the billionaire sister-in-law of Sen. Mitch McConnell, tragically drowned in a pond at her Texas ranch. It is speculated that she may have accidentally put her Tesla in reverse while attempting a three-point turn.

Drowning is one my worst fears and this is terrible, whether she’s a billionaire or not.

As her car began to submerge, Chao panicked and called a friend to explain her situation. Over the next few hours, rescuers arrived and made valiant attempts to free her. One friend, in an attempt to help, had already jumped into the pond in a desperate attempt to reach Chao before emergency responders arrived at the scene. - via International Business Times

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