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Why is Tensorflow so slow?

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This article cracks me up.

Let’s be real: tensorflow is more like 5 frameworks awkwardly fused together than a single framework - there are so many ways to do 2d convolutions, in tf.layers, the “Dense” layer is different than the “dense” one - how are they different? only one way to find out!

There are a ton of tutorials on the internet for doing the same thing in tensorflow but pretty much every one is different because there are so many damn APIs and they’re all incompatible with each other.

Sorry for being so biased - but after a long time of trying to learn to love it, I still hate tensorflow. I’ve found pytorch to be a lot quicker to write stuff in, even though it does take some getting used to (it’s basically numpy on your GPU).

and the best one:

Just like EA with games, almost anything involved with Google will have something like this.

Android: fragmentation

Angular 2: complex huge mess

Tensorflow: Tensorslow (emphasis mine)

The reasons are different though but similarly all have management problems

H/t to @mschmitz_

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