== Neural Market Trends ==

S&P500 Weekly Timing Model


sp500-weekly-timing-model-indicator-040609My weekly S&p500 timing model is still showing elevated volatility levels but a major easing off the insane levels from last year.  While this is a major improvement, we are still not out of the woods.  The real bottom isn't here yet and I expect a little more pain before everyone throws up their hands and capitulates.

Overall the model remains in BUY mode from 11/14/08 and I've been adding more money to my 401k and IRA's as a result.  I have one last slug of $$$ left to drop into the markets when this last "pain event" occurs.  I also added some shares of GE, JNJ, and TX to my long term holdings.  I will looking to add more stocks (domestic and foreign) across the board this year and I'm busy using my AAII stock scans to find those canditates!

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