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I’ve uploaded my April 2007 $100 Experiment Forex trading results and despite the rough patch I had in the middle of the month, I saw a 5.15% growth in trading equity. My expectancy recovered as well but it’s still reeling from my disastrous position sizing debacle! My expectancy for April came in at $0.15. In April I took 35 trades, 25 of them were winners and 10 losers. My average win was $0.48 vs my average loss of $0.68. I’m holding a total of four positions going into May, 2 in EURUSD and 2 in AUDUSD. When I close them out, I’ll detail them in May’s results sheet. I must make an effort, as part of my neural net analysis for May, to pinpoint the price where I must exit a trade in the event the trend reverses. This will hopefully allow me to truly quantify my Reward vs Risk ratios.

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