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The thing about coding is that you’ll never want to do it unless you have to solve something with it. This is why Python has become an indispensable language for all sorts of Data munging. There’s a ton of data generated every day and you can use it for gain (or loss).

Over the past month my Python skills have made a big leap forward. This is because I need to manipulate data inside my organization. I’m putting the finishing touches on a BDR (Business Development Rep) Bot that I built to help my AE (Account Exec). We get a ton of leads everyday and this Python script cuts through the noise to the higher quality leads. Why? So we can focus our limited time and effort on the right leads. I managed to whip this up in about two days. It took that long because I had to teach myself Browser Automation, which is in itself is cool.

I also spent time this week resurrecting the pieces of a Forex Trading Bot. After 12 years of blogging and and wanting to do it, I’m finally putting my Trading Bot into ‘production.’ I use the word production in quotes because it’ll run on Oanda’s Practice Account first. I want to see if my initial Momentum Strategy will work or not. If it doesn’t, I’ll come up with another strategy class and go from there.

The best part? I cobbled it all together with the help of Python and Google. Python for scripting it and Google for figuring out where I got stuck. In reality, I owe all my coding skills to Google search (or DuckDuckGo). Stackoverflow and countless blogs have been invaluable to me.

We live in such amazing times. We can learn so many things online now. It requires YOU to take an interest and have the will to learn.

Learning Python Programming the Easy Way

I picked up python programming when I needed to do something but couldn't figure out how to connect the dots. Luckily there were some great books out there that I picked up and helped accelerate my learning process.

Here is a list of book and cheatsheets I like:

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