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My goal in with trading is to execute flawless trades. Seek the best entry, manage my risk, and exit with profit. Some of my trades are better than others but this week I bought 5 AMD calls and 5 COST calls. I’m still watching my MSFT diagonal put spread, with my first short put option expiring at the end of the week.

Granted, if I get assigned (which is a low probability) I’ll just sell covered calls on those 100 shares. I do have a protective long put in MSFT to act as a back stop to selling “premium.” I don’t know I’ll end up doing this for the long term but I’ll keep this position open till end of May and sell weekly puts against it.

Both of my AMD and COST calls expire in May and if the price moves up 5% for both of them, I’ll be in the money (ITM).

In the end, it’s a helluva lot easier buying puts and calls, especially calls on hot stocks like AMD and NVDA, but you pay a hefty premium for it.

Let’s see how the rest of the week shapes up.

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